Hello again everyone. Today I am going to write about Seitokai Yakuindomo. Mangaka is Tozen Ujiie, manga is first published in Kodansha in 2007 as a 4-coma and genre is comedy/slice of life. Adapted to animation in 2010.

The story takes place in Osai Academy. This school was previously an all-girls high school and in its first year becoming co-ed, our main character Tsuda Takatoshi enrolls in Osai because his house is close by (fair enough…). To be frank, the first thought come to mind was “Please I don’t want this becoming harem, please, pretty please…” -aaand actually they make fun of this idea later on in first episode : ). We start to get to know our council members one by one and immediately understand that this anime doesn’t resemble any other high school slice of life!

One of the main characters is, as I mentioned, Tsuda. Being a rather quiet and compatible character he is, Tsuda lives with her little sister. First day of school, the moment he enters, he is scolded by president Amakusa Shino and he gets to meet the secretary Shichijo Aria with treasurer Hagimura Suzu. Shichijo is incredibly rich and has a gentle(!) character while Hagimura has an IQ over 180, can speak English fluently and is able to do calculations with 10-digit numbers in her sleep (Suzu’s introduction) with height complex (my addition, sorry Suzu : ) ). Now Tsuda is a part of the council as vice-president even though he didn’t want to.

If I were to describe rest of the days for Tsuda, I would use “roller coaster ride” metaphor because he soon realizes that the young women in group are a litlle out of the ordinary. For example:

Because this is nearly every high-schooler's daily topic.
Because this is nearly every high-schooler’s daily topic.

or :

Maybe it will ring... Or something...
Maybe it will ring… Or something…

Episodes are filled with misunderstandings in a sexual context, jokes and differen fantasies but it’s not an erotic anime; that’s what makes it funny. Comedy occurs naturally and the tone is kust fine that I really had fun watching. None of the characters feel out of place and even it is a 4-coma manga adaptation, still manages to keep your attention throughout the episode. School is full of ‘strange’ characters and none of the ‘pleasures’ (topics like masturbation, BDSM, homosexuality) were judged as perversion or seen as disgusting, thus a big plus for me!

Strolling through the forums, I saw comments as disgusting, creepy etc.and I can understand where this comes from. I think we are accustomed to male characters talking/joking about sex, to share their fantasies or hear about their sex life but female characters almıst everytime talk about romance, presents they got or what kind of chocolate they should make (anything other than sex, really…). So it may feel strange watching high school women talking about non-comformal sex. This doesn’t make me think they are perverted or sex- crazed; on the contrary I felt like I needed to see these kinds of characters, made me really happy. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it has a feminist tone I think : ). Not really if it is intentional, though.


Long story short, if you want to have fun and are looking for an anime to watch occasionally without a general plot, I totally recommend this anime -especially to women. Ending theme is also very catchy, I’ll just leave it here.

Angela – Aoi Haru

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