Hello. Before listing the reasons about why I was away, not writing, not even looking at my feed; I want to thank Animated for nominating me for a Free Spirited Award. This is my first nomination to any award that’s been going on in WordPress and being a new blog, it made me really happy (and made me feel a little bit of recognized (灬º 艸º灬) ), thank you so much. The theme we were given is describing our notion of a good day but sadly, nowadays my days are far from going great. Still, I see it as a good chance to talk about what qualifies as a “good day” and how greatly our standards and expectations concerning a “good day” differs.I was going to write about this heavy topic anyways, by chance, the theme coincided.

You may or may not know, but 3 weeks ago there was a massacre in the capital of Turkey and more than a hundred people died, much more injured and traumatised. It was suicide-bombing in a rally. You can find a detailed article here in English, I think it is well written and conveys what has happened as optimistically as it can be. My mind is completely blank since then. Of course I still have my daily duties; I’m writing my thesis so that I can graduate from my master’s programme, then I have PhD applications and work part-time in the university, I have so many other obligations (like my grading examination in kendo or the reading I have to do for my theatre club) but they are rather more trivial. These daily duties keep me up from writing but I also didn’t want to because of the incident. It was a good day for those 100 people. They were gathered at the train station to speak up for peace, to protest about inhumane living conditions. What happened to them was horrid and I cannot even imagine seeing dismembered body parts laying around and the smell of blood on the asphalt but what strikes me more are the reactions of people towards the incident. They were saying that “it was good what happened to them”, “the bombers cleared the scum of earth”. A 9-year-old kid also died and what I read over the internet is that it’s better to have the kid dead now because he’ll surely become a terrorist in the future. Why? Because he joined the rally with his father. It makes me feel so desperate and angry because normally I’m not afraid to speak up my mind and afraid of debates but I feel like there is no way I can tell a person who’s happy over another person’s horrible death, how sacred one’s life is. Yet, when you ask them they say that they love their country and its people. I don’t like this sick notion of love and it’s shocking to see even though we speak the same language and use the same words and phrases, what we mean can be in totally different contexts. I didn’t feel like doing anyting, writing anything, going out because at times like these I feel ashamed that I’m alive and those people are dead. I know it’s neither logical nor healthy to think this way but lately I sometimes stop and realise that I’m actually alive and not a victim of police violence, sexual abuse or some terrorist bombing; that I survived another day. I am not even talking about the fact that it happened at the capital (because of government, the capital should be the most protected city?) or apart from only one political party (some of its members were at the incident) the others just stood there and tried to blame the others, not admitting their fauls. Frankly, I am still optimistic about the future (not about my future, though, I’m sure I won’t be able to see that kind of change), just that this shouldn’t be the price to pay.

I am sorry for writing something different, it is out of this blog’s theme anyway; still with these thought in mind I am unable to write something like “A good day is where I take a sip of my coffee with some good book in my hand.”. This sure is nice, though nowadays feels like too much of a luxury.

Like I stated at the beginning, I was already thinking about my current situation and my existence in this blog for the next couple of months (my school marathon will likely end around February next year). Because I don’t write episode reviews or have a specialized post (posting about a manga every Friday, for example), I write an overall analysis on a piece I read/watch, I already didn’t have a fixed schedule. I just wrote whenever I finish writing something, or I actually keep a notebook where I write on paper first (because I don’t always have my netbook with me) so I posted whenever I had time, in the end I wasn’t so much active to begin with. The obligations I mentioned above being the reason, I will be less active this time around, in terms of both writing and keeping track of other blogs. I hope I’ll survive it through alive and kicking,  and be back! I have a couple of somewhat unfinished posts, I can at least post them because it won’t take up much of my time as writing a new one. Wanted to share!

The only good thing happening to me is seeing Bokuto Koutarou from Haikyuu!! getting animated. Arrgghh but now the manga is licensed so the scanlation group left the project; great news for Furudate sensei but not so great news for peasants like me who don’t know Japanese… (๑ १д१) The match was going great with Shiratorizawa…

Look at the dork, it's hard to look at him and still feel depressed.
Look at the dork, it’s hard to look at him and still feel depressed.


Okay! Going back on the Free Spirit Award! The rules go like this:

  • You are given a topic from the authors who nominated you to write your award post about!
  • Include the image in your post!

My nominees are:

The Anime Harvest


The Infinite Zenith


And your theme is “insanity”. Of course you don’t have the obligation to do this (duh, Captain Obvious) but it would surely be interesting to read your thoughts.

That’s it for this post, hopefully I’ll be able to see you far more than I think I’ll be.

ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ̀ˋ

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