Greetings peeps!! I know I haven’t been around; the life is beating the shit outta me… I finished my first year in PhD and things have been so hectic with classes, new home, new university, assistant-ship and all that jazz. I want to get back to writing because I haven’t been able to focus on anything other than the bare minimum obligations (sometimes even failing to deliver that) so I decided to take it easy.

When a new season starts, I definitely check the first episode of every anime that will be aired during the season even if it doesn’t look promising. There have been a lot of shows that I dropped after taking a look, so it seems like I only stuck to the second seasons of the shows I already enjoyed such as Kekkai Sensen, Shouwa Genroku Rakugou Shinjuu or Hoozuki no Reitetsu. That’s why I wanted to pick my top three upon the newly aired shows.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Ahhhh… This show. I didn’t even realize that it was aired in 2017 until I saw a fanart on Tumblr and I went “Ooooh sign me the fudge up!” and the show didn’t fail to deliver. The characters were likable, the world building was consistent and interesting. Even though I think they tried to talk about too many things in only one course so it felt a bit rushed, still I enjoyed the stylization of the characters, the colors and backgrounds.

Another point to mention about this show: I was looking for images to put and saw the manga covers and I thought “Where have I seen this style before, huh….” and apparently?? It’s Basso!!! Basso is one of my favorite BL mangakas out there and very much like Shouwa Genroku, it makes me so happy that these mangakas are gaining much attention. BL artists are, very often, disregarded as ‘real artists’ because people think all they draw are boys kissing and stuff but many of them are actually extremely good at storytelling and have very distinctive artistic styles. Overall, I honestly believe ACCA will entertain you so please give it a chance!


Ballroom e Youkoso

To tell you the truth, I haven’t caught up with the series completely yet, but I’m getting there… This show is as shounen as it can get, yet because it’s about ballroom dancing, I enjoyed it very much. The movements were on point, the way the dancers were stylized delivered so much momentum and energy, plus Sengoku-san, do I need to add more?! If you are looking for a longer series that will energize you, make you laugh here and there or you’re a dance enthusiast (OR appreciate the aesthetic side of the dynamic body in motion) I definitely suggets Ballroom e Youkoso.


Sengoku Choujuu Giga

Where do I even start…. I joined late in the game but I enjoyed it SO MUCH! It’s a short anime that is focused on the Sengoku era warriors like Nobunaga or Masamune, in the traditional Japanese ink painting style (sumi-e) and the warriors are depicted as… animals! Now now, I can almost hear you say “What the…” but I can even beg you if it’s necessary to give this a chance because it’s one of the most hilarious shows I’ve ever watched.  We always get to see these warlord depicted as extremely cool, cold and distant yet in this show every character uses a daily life language where you can witness in sit-coms. I highly recommend it!!

When you don’t want to be associated with the gang

This is it! When I was getting ready to write the post, I was so excited, thinking I was going to Mob Psycho 100, Aggressive Retsuko, Saiki Kusuo no Psi-san or Yuuri!!! on Ice but realizing they were 2016’s shows… I age too quickly….

Merry Christmas to the ones who celebrate it and I hope everyone’s having a nice, relaxed vacation! For some people, I understand that holidays like this can get ‘intense’ because of the families/relatives, so… I hope you pull through, you can do it!!


The header is taken from the opening of ACCA.

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