Starting off with a blast from the past(-ish). Definitely not because of, for some reason, it was hard to find a series I liked and that also happened to start with the letter A. That’s totally not the case….

Title: Ameiro Paradox, tr. Candy Color Paradox
Artist & Author: Natsume Isaku
Release Year: 2010
Status: Ongoing, 5 volumes
Licensed? (Y/N): Yes, under SuBLime
3-second-synopsis: Two polar opposites have to wear a get along shirt for work. Chaos and intense blushing ensues.

Ameiro Paradox is a series I started reading long time ago. Although I lost track of where I’ve left the manga (I remember the pairing were finally together), I still recall it with much fondness, like many of Natsume Isaku’s works.

Onoe and Kaburagi has started working together in a weekly magazine in a newspaper agency around the same time; Onoe as a reporter and Kaburagi as a photographer. Onoe loves his job and wants to get assigned to more “important” columns. However, even though he accomplishes things, it’s always Kaburagi who manages to score big scoops on celebrities that steals Onoe’s spotlight. Not only one day Onoe sees his girlfriend clinging onto Kaburagi in a bar, he is assigned to work on another stake-out with him instead of doing investigation on politics. Lots of reasons to hate someone’s guts, am I right?

I adore the “tsundere, blushy uke with a carefree, cheeky and sweet seme” dynamic! My personal opinion is that, it’s quite hard to pull off a good tsundere character. It has to lie on the border of grumpy and cute, which is a delicate balance that most of the time ends up being annoying. However, Natsume Isaku’s tsundere characters have the assertiveness and confidence in other aspects to save them from just being in denial of their feelings and have nothing else to offer. For Ameiro Paradox, it’s Onoe’s confidence in his work ethic and his ambitions that clash with Kaburagi’s.

On a more fangirl note, can I say I just love the bold and intense blush strokes? Onoe is drawn in a very expressive way, it’s so fun to watch him “going through it” and not having any of this out-of-the-blue-partnership with Kaburagi.

While, Kaburagi is just *chef’s kiss*.

I recommend Ameiro Paradox because it’s cheeky, funny, has a nice pace and likable characters. The conversation between Kaburagi and Onoe flow naturally from the get go and never gets boring. It’s also a nice plus that SuBLime is up to date with the series.

Hope you enjoyed this preview and see you on the letter B!

Where to find Ameiro Paradox

Japanese physical volumes
Japanese digital volumes
English translated physical & digital volumes


A — Ameiro Paradox
B — Blue Sky Complex
C — Coyote
D — Dear, My God
E — Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki
F — Full…
G — The Good Teacher
H — Hakujon to Kurobotan
I — Itadakimasu Gochisousama
J — Jealousy
K — Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta
L — Love Tractor
M — Momo to Manji
N — Novae
O — Oh, My Assistant!
P — Piercings
Q — Quit Writing, Dear Author
R — Ryu no Otto, Boukoku no Kami
S — Saha
T — The Trees in Spring
U — Unknown
V — This Villain Emperor’s Gonna Charm the Male Lead to Survive
W — Wolf in the House
X — XXX Buddy
Y — Your Eyes, My Words
Z — Zarco

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