You know how decluttering your room is a daunting task; not because it’s boring and you’d prefer even watching that anime you love to hate instead of cleaning, but especially when you get to your bookshelves and boxes, you can’t just clean. Then, you end up reading those books/manga/magazines or reminiscing about the past. Next time you come to your senses it’s already night and you’ve spent 70 percent of your time daydreaming and 30 percent actually cleaning. This is what’s happening to me with this challenge; more re-reading and less writing…

With that being said, I don’t consider these ‘detours’ as a waste of time. Sure, it takes away from the time I could be spending more on real life obligations, but who wants that? It’s such a nice feeling that my heart still skips a beat even though I know what happens in the story.

Title: Blue Sky Complex
Artist & Author: Ichikawa Kei
Release Year: 2013
Status: Ongoing, 6 volumes
Licensed? (Y/N): Edit: finally, yes!!
3-second-synopsis: Supervising the school delinquent at the school library because your teacher blackmailed you might make you question your sexual orientation. Unexpected boyfriend side quest: unlocked.

I’ve only completed reading 2 volumes of Blue Sky Complex and got the idea to include it in the challenge when I was browsing the BL copies I had. When life took over and for a long while I stopped reading manga, I’ve lost my connection to this series as well. Can’t believe it has 6 volumes already and the characters have all grown up! It all starts with Narasaki, a studious high school boy who has a large family and a lively house. He feels in need of a secluded and silent place to read or study, so when one of the teachers appoint him as the library receptionist with an additional task of supervising the school delinquent Terashima, Narasaki unwillingly accepts. The silent hours they spend together after school, gradually turns into something more.

Blue Sky Complex captivated me first with the character design and when I continued, it was one of the sweetest, well-rounded stories I’ve read. The setting is as cliche as it can get at first, however the humor and the way Ichikawa Kei takes time to explore the characters and introduce them to us, made me feel more and more drawn to read it. This is the upside to reading stories that has more than one volume; the more time we spend with the characters, the deeper our bond to story and people gets.

I recommend Blue Sky Complex because I think it’s a story worth investing time in. Quite funny, bittersweet at times and considering the length, it’s an established relationship story. When the focus in romantic stories is usually on the period of getting together, it’s refreshing to read what happens after the confession. Staying together is as dynamic, compelling and takes as much effort as getting together. If you’re a BL reader or interested in funny romantic stories, this one won’t disappoint you.

Where to find Blue Sky Complex

Japanese physical volumes
Japanese digital volumes

English digital volumes


A — Ameiro Paradox
B — Blue Sky Complex
C — Coyote
D — Dear, My God
E — Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki
F — Full…
G — The Good Teacher
H — Hakujon to Kurobotan
I — Itadakimasu Gochisousama
J — Jealousy
K — Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta
L — Love Tractor
M — Momo to Manji
N — Novae
O — Oh, My Assistant!
P — Piercings
Q — Quit Writing, Dear Author
R — Ryu no Otto, Boukoku no Kami
S — Saha
T — The Trees in Spring
U — Unknown
V — This Villain Emperor’s Gonna Charm the Male Lead to Survive
W — Wolf in the House
X — XXX Buddy
Y — Your Eyes, My Words
Z — Zarco

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    1. Happy to hear that, i really enjoyed how the usual obstacles like jealousy or misunderstandings were resolved. Recently saw the characters’ older ages in free chapters and i think i’m at that age where I get emotional, saying “They grow up so fast…. :,(“ hahaha!

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