Welcome back! I’m here with a manhwa that I’m keeping up with, with great joy. With an audience that’s growing every day, digital manga/manhwa/webcomic providers are on the rise. I’m, sadly, an old lady who still prefers paper over screen and copies on my shelves. However, with the economy being in the state it is, books being heavy and shipping cost doubling the price of the said book, digital versions or platforms are a more affordable way to show your support, if you have the means. But, no more of this touchy topic. A little heads up: my screenshots are not explicit, hence I didn’t put a NSFW warning but they are suggestive. Enjoy~

Title: The Good Teacher,
Artist & Author: Eeej
Release Year: 2020
Status: Main story finished.
Licensed? (Y/N): English-translated on Lezhin US.
3-second-synopsis: Being a good citizen and giving back with what you can do best is important. Even if it’s your skills in bed.

This sweet story starts with Ahn Seunghyun, in a drunken state, putting up a post on a website for freelancers; private lessons and consultations for people who experience sex related problems, with a cute dog as his profile picture. Pretty convincing, right? It’s all fun and giggles until he gets a message, full of typos, from a user called Park Hojun (who is, apparently, also drunk); he has been recently dumped by his boyfriend because he wasn’t good at sex. They end up meeting the next day and decide to start conducting classes once a week. Hojun is okay with it because he feels bummed about it all, while Seunghyun is going along with it because he feels like he’s hit the jackpot— Hojun is exactly his type!

What caught my eye about this manhwa first was the crisp and clean art style. The story was fun and had a nice flow, although it was a bit short. I had almost went into shock when i saw (END) next to the chapter title last week! I think this was partly because I was really into this series. The more I scratched the surface of this thought, I noticed I got too used to ‘unreasonable behavior’ characters are put into for the sake of plot development. Here, the characters either act rather sensibly, or even if they do procrastinate on the right thing to do, the issue is resolved pretty quickly. Overall, The Good Teacher is sweet, steamy and such a fun series that totally worth binge-reading!

There’s an undeniable allure to people who are aware of their sex appeal and look confident in that awareness that you can’t help but steal glances. And Seunghyun is exactly that kind of character. Around the 15th chapter or so, I noticed I kept staring at him an awful lot. I really loved that this wasn’t just him being conventionally handsome but conveyed more through his body language and posture.

Have anything to add to this conversation? Or any webcomics or manhwa that you’ve read recently and enjoyed? Would love to hear from you! Otherwise, see you on Friday ~~

Me at every panel Seunghyun appears


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