This is a real life related update, you can skip it if you like. I planned to post the letter H of the yaoi challenge on last Friday and maybe go on a little hiatus this week but because I operate on a single brain cell and totally forgot about there were seminars that I was supposed to enroll and attend this week, with added health related inconveniences, I didn’t even have any time to write, let alone paying the usual attention to what other bloggers have been putting out. I also have two weeks of anime episodes waiting to be watched and a post to gather for my science-related blog, heh.

I have never been the person to write weekly on each episode of a show I’m keeping up with. And since it’s something I think I cannot manage, I always tell myself that weekly reviewers can overcome almost anything in life. This is something I’d maybe challenge myself with, choosing one series in the next Fall season, but I don’t want to get too brave. Going back to the topic, season finals are here and it also means I’ll be putting work into writing my final thoughts on them as well. Hence, I’m going to reschedule this challenge to once a week on Thursdays, a new cover on Tuesdays and an overall review once a week if my time allows because I’m translating a book, have to make time to said seminars and put together a presentation for next week. Have readings to do and currently being in my hometown and not my own home, I have less and less time for all the work that’s been piling up.

Not living alone and having to keep up with other people’s habits and daily schedule is hard….

I don’t like that I’m both a slow reader and a slow writer. Probably because I’m not taking any notes when I’m actually watching/reading the thing, I have to revisit some episodes to make sure I’m not making any details up or gather my thoughts altogether and this slows me down a lot, time-wise especially. I don’t even know why I’m talking about this but if you have any other creative habits you’ve formed to help you keep up with frequent writing, maybe you can comment down below!

Let’s all do our best ~

Until I settle down in a routine, I constantly feel dizzy and lost but it’s okay ~Hope everyone is having the best day and are healthy. See you around!!

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  1. Revisiting the episodes might not be the best idea aa it will eventually drain you, instead of that, what I do is visit the wikipedia page and read the summary of each episodes, thereby i am able to recall the episodes and find points to write about things which I liked in that episode.

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