Since the review post got unintentionally long, here are my favorite moments from the first two episodes, in pictures!

1. Just… all of Saeko:

Taiko groups are a joy to listen, especially live. Apparently it is also physically challenging to a certain extent. It felt very Saeko-ish that she was in one. Plus, she’s my favorite Haikyu woman in the series. :゚。**(*´v`)

2. Kageyama / Tsukishima / Bonus Bokuto moment

Tsukishima was swearing at Kageyama but even I felt that.

3. Tsukishima / Hinata Bickering

Tsukishima and Hinata has one of the best dynamics in Haikyu! I wouldn’t be on the recieving end of his harsh criticism, he’s looming.

4. Japanese Men’s Team coach

Now it would be very out of character of me if I were to sit silent about and not drool over the older men of Haikyuu. One of them, Hibarida Fuki, is the Men’s National Volleyball Team coach, we first met him when Kageyama was in the Youth Camp, he was next to All-Japan Boys’ Youth Team coach Hitaki Kotarō. Let’s say it was nice seeing him again. v(°∇^*)⌒☆

Hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to add your own favorite ones in the comments! Until then ~

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