Just a post on what I’ve been reading/watching, what I’ll be doing for this season, and whatnot. Don’t worry, the post will be strictly anime/manga related and embarrassing TMI-free. 

Already a TMI under the disguise of a meme, whew!

What I’m reading:

Love Me, Doctor! & One Take (BL): 

There were a lot of sale events on various platforms due to Christmas and New Year, and I started these two on Lezhin because the art style looked nice. Needless to say, I got hooked! 

Love Me, Doctor! by ANA is about a college student, Hyuk, who has been experiencing sexual performance and anxiety problems in bed. As any sensible person would, he decides to visit Dr. Han, a urologist. Will the therapy cure Hyuk’s ED or add to his anxiety and confusion? Currently, there are 11 chapters out, updated every Saturday. 

One Take is a collaboration between Chalbap and KIM COOKIE, has the acting scene as its setting. Our main character Seungmin is a no-name actor who’s been cast out in the industry because everyone believes he was involved in a sexual assault case. Yet, he manages to land a supporting role in a TV series where Hyunje, a perfect mixture of dazzling and brute. Seungmin has recently become his fanboy, what better luck, right? One Take has some mystery and drama to it and for now, it’s a series I enjoy reading. Currently has 11 chapters, updated every Sunday. 

Inner Beauty & Four-way Stop (BL):

I wanted to add Inner Beauty and Four-way Stop as well since their premises look entertaining, both are complete, have less than 50 chapters and they are currently in the “Wait Until Free” section! Every 24 hours, a new chapter is open for you to read. The perfect way to get your hands on good series and keeping the coins to yourself ~

This image looks like there’s something else going on but it’s just a love triangle…? rectangle? We’ll find out.

What I’m watching: 


Just finished the first season. I was craving for more mecha anime and I gave this one a second chance. Why have I discarded it in the past, I have no idea but I’m enjoying it so far! Loved the Katafrakt and weaponry design. 

Pixiv source

Urasawa Naoki no Manben:

I just came across this documentary by Naoki Urasawa, where he documents well-known manga artists in their workspaces and later on they sit together and discuss the process, along with other art/manga-related topics. This was apparently filmed for (and aired on) NHK’s Educational TV. Looks soooo interesting but I have no idea if it was released on any official platform with English subs. If you know anything about it, please let me know! Official pages with excerpts from the docu: Manben Manben Neo

Upcoming Season: 

Weekly Review: This season I planned on reviewing Fumetsu no Anata e, only to realize the series was for the next spring… A friend recommended the manga and I checked out the first couple of chapters available on Crunchyroll, I guess the winter setting stuck with me. Now what? This is like one of those moments where you go to a restaurant to eat something specific but they can’t serve you the dish that day and now you stare into the void and lose all meaning. Dramatic, I know. I didn’t want to go for a series I didn’t review the first season of, but I’ll probably go for either Beastars or pick a new series that captivated me from the get-go. I have a hunch it would be Tenshi Souzou Design-bu.

I’m gonna review you one day…. just you wait…

I’m especially excited for Jujutsu Kaisen‘s, Beastars‘ and Yakusoku no Neverland‘s continuation. Some of the other series that are on my radar:

Especially Maiko-san looks really pretty, so I wanted to add the trailer. 

On a final note, I finally had the time to get my Twitter account functioning. I’m slowly adding people I read here but if you want to be friends there I’m RT’ing lots of fanart, join in on Akutami-sensei’s “Slandering Gojo 2021” project and talk about whatever I’m consuming at that moment.

What else are you excited about? Or any other series you enjoyed and think I might like as well? Hopefully you had a good start in 2021! Until then ~

** Header image: Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san

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