Yes, this is precisely what you think it is, a countryside BL. I’ve been wanting to try this platform ever since King’s Maker has been moved from Lezhin to Tappytoon. I checked it out purely because I needed a title for the challenge, plus the art style looked very nice. I said, why not! And I was genuinely surprised how hooked it got me. 

Title: Love Tractor
Author & Artist: Hmmyongyong & Angrymonster
Release Year: 2020
Status: Ongoing, 22 chapters out. Updates on Thursdays.
Licensed? (Y/N): Yes, on Tappytoon.

Sun Yool is a 27-year-old law student/intern and he’s tired. And like any tired adult out there, he runs away from his problems under the guise of responsibility. When his grandfather collapsed and was admitted to the hospital, it was the perfect chance for Sun Yool to take over his farm until he’s discharged. Mishaps start before he even sets foot into the house; his car gets stuck in the mud and he has a creepy encounter with a random, scary farmer, the next day he gets drenched with a bucket of water and is mistaken as a dog thief; little does he know that these are just the beginning. And it’s all linked to the son of another farmer family, Yechan, who has strong ties to his grandfather. The son that Sun Yool apparently met when he was young but has no memory of. 

It’s all fun and games until the artist switches to this style…. whew!

The setting looks a bit cliched at first glance, however, I think it is handled remarkably well up until now. Especially character-wise. Normally, one would expect the ‘city boy’ to be completely disdainful of the life the farmers lead or the ‘country boy’ to be too dumbed down but this is not the case for Love Tractor. We learn more about Sun Yool at first; he is gay and is open to his family, has a partner back in Seoul that he’s been dating since high-school. However, his relationship with his partner and his dad looks so strained, there are dramatic flashbacks about the dynamics of their relationship. As for Yechan, he still is the brawny, energetic, happy-go-lucky guy. I think in the oncoming chapters, his future choices about work and college will become one of the subplots and one unexpected element (that I won’t spoil here) will bring these two together, closer than ever. 

How my mom thinks I look vs how I actually look

I have to stress, this manhwa is so funny! There have been many times I laughed out loud, and I adore how the artist draws the reactionary faces and chibis, they are all so cute and expressive. Some elements seemed similar to another favorite series of mine, Oh! My Assistant, but I could never guess they were from the same artist, the art style looked so different! I’ll be reviewing Oh! My Assistant later, but if you want to check it out beforehand please do! It’s currently on a one-free-episode-every-week sale on Tapas. 

Overall, I recommend Love Tractor because it’s so heart-warming and so meme-y, I felt like taking a lot of screenshots to use as stickers. Needless to say, the art style is very pretty and loved how bright and vivid the coloring is. Tappytoon is much more reasonable price-wise compared to other pay-for-chapter platforms and while they are rather new, there seem to be a lot of good titles! 

Speaking of platforms, I know I’ve been reviewing titles that are behind a pay-wall only and I honestly check out for other platforms as well but since I have restrictions, sometimes it’s very hard to find titles to review. With that said, to make amends, I prepared a second title just for this occasion! The only reason The Little Kingdom didn’t make it instead of Love Tractor is that the last update was back in June 2020. However, I fell in love the moment I saw this webtoon. Another bonus point is that it starts with an established relationship. And it’s free! I’ll leave you with pretty pictures as always and hope to see you next week!


A — Ameiro Paradox
B — Blue Sky Complex
C — Coyote
D — Dear, My God
E — Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki
F — Full…
G — The Good Teacher
H — Hakujon to Kurobotan
I — Itadakimasu Gochisousama
J — Jealousy
K — Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta
L — Love Tractor
M — Momo to Manji
N — Novae
O — Oh, My Assistant!
P — Piercings
Q — Quit Writing, Dear Author
R — Ryu no Otto, Boukoku no Kami
S — Saha
T — The Trees in Spring
U — Unknown
V — This Villain Emperor’s Gonna Charm the Male Lead to Survive
W — Wolf in the House
X — XXX Buddy
Y — Your Eyes, My Words
Z — Zarco

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