Greetings! I don’t know why I got too comfortable with these update posts and I keep writing them, but I kind of enjoy doing it. It saves me the additional explanatory paragraphs in the actual posts and Saturdays might be a good day to post them where people are probably busy enjoying their real lives instead of being online. I should maybe start numbering them.

Since I’m in the second half of the alphabet for my yaoi challenge, I was thinking maybe I could add something new that I could start now and it would replace the challenge when it ends. But with what? I’m not a very innovative person and couldn’t come up with something that could give me material to post every week or once in two weeks. Then, I came up with a new segment. Please insert drum roll sounds as BGM for me:

The most anti-climatic reveal in the blogosphere.

See? It really is just another manga review day, packaged with a light novel title. I plan to review relatively new manga titles that are free to read and fully open on Shueisha’s Manga Plus. Almost always, I write about what I personally find interesting, but this time I wanted to read and review whatever there is. The posts will probably be short and rather than in-depth analyses or breakdowns, I plan to casually review and maybe list what worked or what didn’t. I will put a lower limit of 10 chapters since I can’t force myself to go through the whole manga if I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Is this an anime blog equivalent of the TV series Dirty Jobs?

There are times where I watch anime only and don’t read any manga/webtoon apart from maybe one or two titles that I was already keeping up with. Conversely, there are times where I heavily read manga and kind of forget about the seasonal anime. I’m currently in my manga-reading phase, hence it would be nice to utilize that energy into something useful. I already have titles that I’m excited to review. Plus, who doesn’t like to boast about getting into a series before it got animated! More weeb points to collect and a perfect chance to get annoying about how they left that perfect arc out of the adaptation and ruined the whole series.

You can’t tell me what to do!

Apart from the scheduled posts for next week, which would be Heaven’s Design Team review, Tuesday cover, and the yaoi challenge, I have a top 5 Valentine’s Day anime recommendation post for the lonely peeps like me out there. You can rest assured that of course, I have more than 5 recommendations prepared and hopefully you’ll appreciate the list. I’m surely enjoying the anime couple or romantic manga picks from other bloggers! 

There’s not much else to report on my end other than these. Oh, maybe this wonderful breakdown of queer film theory I watched yesterday. I can already hear you mumbling “Where the heck did it come from… so random….” and, well. In BL and shipping fanspaces there is the constant discussion on queer reading of the canon (non-BL) material, and of course, the equally constant “They are ruining my fave series with their gayness!” cries echoing in the chambers of Twitter. Someone shared this video; it’s very insightful, fun to watch and no matter the media type or genre you’re reviewing, it’s worth to keep the questions the content creator is asking in mind.

That’s all! I wish everyone a nice weekend and see you next week.

2 Replies to “SMALL UPDATE”

  1. OMG that video was incredible, I think It explained perfectly everything I always thought! The eternal fight between people who hate when “everyone else make their characters gay” and us that totally getting the queer vibes. Cheers for that!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did, it was a good and easy to understand breakdown! And yeah, queer reading is not only necessary but inevitable in the end. Thank you for your comments, I always appreciate them ^^ Have a nice day.


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