Hello from the other side of the screen! I can’t believe I’m managing to post weekly reviews, am I finally getting over my commitment issues? Was that too much right from the first sentence? Anyways, patting myself on the back, let’s pick up from last week, where our sweet angel Ueda was banished to Hell because she had cursed the pandas. That is a blasphemy indeed, they were so fluffy and cute!

The air in the office is understandably gloomy, where Venus is hazily skimming over a fashion magazine, Saturn is working on invoices and the rest is playing cards. The possibility of Ueda’s expulsion for something she didn’t do weighs on the members and although Shimoda brings hand-baked cream puffs to cheer people up, he’s feeling down and conflicted as well. He wants to assist the design team to the best of his abilities. He truly does but draws the line at catching the grim-reaper-slash-giant-moth that’s terrorizing the office with its existence, using bare hands. Instead, he calls out for Ueda habitually.

Soulmates from different universes.

Ueda is seriously me back when I was staying at the university dorm. We had a lot of greenery around, the light and the heat in the rooms would invite bugs/moths, and for some reason, I was the one everyone would call to escort them kindly of the rooms. Not that I’m brave like Ueda or anything, but the duty kind of stuck to me. We learn that Ueda did go to Hell but not to become a devil to torture weaklings, but it was just a trip to talk things over for the new business venture ‘Hell’. Their emotional reunion is cut short when the new customer suddenly appears at the door. 

He is the “child of darkness born from the soil”, Yokota, who previously worked under Ueda and now wants to commission the design team for Hell’s mascot. Our team gets into business mode ASAP and ask questions about the environment. It’s always a curious thing as these designs don’t merely stay on paper but have to be adapted to their environment, meaning witty engineering solutions and material knowledge are needed. Good thing that Yokota is quite different from God in terms of his preparedness. He provides a good deal of information on the physical conditions in Hell, has a sketch and clear idea in mind but also gives room for the designers to go wild! You can see the team falling in love with Yokota in an instant. Thus, Team A and Team B are formed to debate over the design of the mascot.

When I’m asked about my preferences in fanfiction.

Team A has Venus, Neptune, and Saturn while Team B is comprised of *checks smudged handwriting on hand* Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter. Like… who are you, people! Can’t seem to get used to the new planet names and always have to look up which is which. Team A comes forth with a design using a wolf as the base and we witness the birth of Cerberus, beta version! They try to make these good boys work; at first, the heads have a hard time coexisting so they dumb the other two down. When that doesn’t work, Venus proposes they should have a hobby like listening to music. When that turns into a heated music forum discussion, Team B intervenes with their design: a three-headed flying crocodile. Now that seriously looks cool! 

They are lucky in the sense that they see what Team A is lacking and come up with countermeasures. The heads can’t get along? Choose a sociable animal instead! Wolves get too chummy with the visitors instead of sending shivers down their spine? Use crocodile’s already menacing look! In the end, the choice comes down to whether the park will be open all year round or frequently shut down, and Yokota is not sure how the management will take shape. So he buys both of the designs! And squeezes in some last-minute royalty shopping for a t-shirt design. He returns to Hell, leaving the team in tears because he’s that good of a client. I liked his enthusiasm as well! Hope he comes back in the future or the team descends into Hell to get a taste of that ‘anguish and rage’.

Jupiter knows how to sell his design in a millenial world!

In the second half, we are invited to the lunch. Everyone’s bento box takes after their character, either classic, chic, colorful, functional, or just… huge. The lunch break seems like a break only in name, because Neptune and Jupiter continue to test their new designs, a shrimp and an otter. I know a thing or two about how menacing and ‘horrible’ otters are (you can check out this Vox article if you like) but as long as they are cute, just like this one in the anime, I’m willing to let it slide. Neptune has some sandwiches prepared for the otter filled with bugs and frogs, but Jupiter keeps feeding it deep sea creatures that now Neptune has to do some fine-tuning so the otter can manage its calorie intake. That includes: sleeping on the surface of the ocean and holding hands with other otters to prevent drifting, better fur, and a better kidney so they can deal with the excess sodium. Neptune and Shimoda love these otters so dearly, and otters repay the love by finding some of the solutions themselves, like opening clams with rocks they carry in their pockets to prevent periodontitis. God approves the design and finally, these cute monsters are a part of our ecosystem. 

This is it for this week’s review! What did you think of this episode? Which one of the menacing creatures did you fancy, the three-headed wolf or the crocodile? Hope you enjoyed the review and see you tomorrow!

They reached that level where you gush and take photos when your pet is doing nothing but vibing

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