Surprise post! My manga/manhwa reading phase salutes you. I wanted to put together something quick about a series I recently got into, thinking hey! People might be interested in this super cool series! 

Title: Child of the Sheath
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Author & Artist: Hyungmin Kim & Kyungill Yang
Release Year: 2020
Status: Ongoing, currently has 32 chapters. Updates every Monday. 
Licensed? (Y/N): Yes, on Tapas!

Child of Sheath makes a powerful entrance with Tanyu, a former general, looking wounded and defeated on what seems like a battlefield. Then we meet Bira, an energetic young boy who lives in a secluded forest with bears, helping them for food. When Tanyu is on the run and is followed by a mystical creature who belongs to the enemy side he was fighting, Bira and Tanyu’s paths cross at the riverside. 

Tanyu gets poisoned by the creature during the fight and is gradually losing his power and consciousness but even then, he doesn’t let go of his principles and tries to do his best to protect Bira, thinking he’s in danger. We soon learn that, while Bira indeed looks small, he is by no means in need of saving.

Before I proceed, please don’t get mad at me for recommending a manhwa that I’ve only read 10 chapters of. This is a new release in Tapas that I came across on the main page. The cover art was truly beautiful and I went into it blindly. From there on, I felt like I was in a trance because I never expected the quality would be that high. There is a tremendous amount of detail and hard work poured into Child of the Sheath. While I’ve read from other webtoon artists that they prepare a lot of chapters before the release in case something might go wrong or they might need a break, but still, I’m in awe of how can one create such intricate drawings from the background to characters, down to their accessories and variety in the fantastic creatures, on such regular and short periods. My admiration for pretty things will never die. 

As for the story. The world that is currently being built seems it will become quite large. There are different nations, tribes, and communities with specific characteristics each of their own, and people with supernatural powers exist. As with such stories, things get kind of confusing at the beginning, not knowing most of the characters’ motives or their history occasionally made me think “Wait….. where are we right now? Who are these people?“. However, I think this is to be expected with fantasy world-building and it didn’t dampen my experience in any way. 

Overall, I think this manhwa is worth a chance! If you are fond of a traditional setting with fantasy elements and don’t mind the slow start, Child of the Sheath has a promising premise. If anything, I’m sure the art style will capture your heart! 

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