Another mentally busy period as I crammed last week’s shows whenever I could, some of them being left for this week, but couldn’t savor them as much as I’d like to. As if that wasn’t enough, the temperature suddenly dropped a couple of days ago and we got the first heavy snow. It should be normal considering we’re in February, but the weather has been too good for the past month I found myself getting angry over the cold. As much as snow’s aesthetically pleasing, I’m from a warm region where I’ve never got to experience it until I was 18. So it’s just me and my 3 blankets, pajamas tucked in layered socks, and ugly sweaters. 

Sounds about right

When I was watching this week’s Heaven’s Design Team I thought I’d like Shimoda to visit me with cream puffs and then take me to Galapagos for a couple of days as well. Having fun on a tropical island with this lively bunch, drinking and lazing around sounded nice. Soon enough, I understand that ‘going to Galapagos’ is just another euphemism for work. Our team seems to be composed of workaholics, considering how happy they get over the news. They waste no time springing out their chairs and making their way earlier than planned while Shimoda’s pleads fall on deaf ears. 

Higuchi, being the competent engineer she is, quickly constructs a whole traditional inn type of resort with several onsen. Members quickly settle in the rooms and are enjoying the open-air onsen with an interesting companion. Jupiter’s hard work on making a creature that tastes amazing was a success in itself, but since it can be the prey of many others it had to be a tough animal. Hence the strong stomach acid; but that also means lots of stress and lots of stomach cramps. Although Alien gets a no from the client, Jupiter was kind enough to bring it with him to the resort. They have a relaxing (for some) bath together and Alien makes its way into the hotpot as the final act. What a turn of events. 

When the dinner is done and the members are leisurely enjoying their drinks, Shimoda notices that even though he found a suspicious note telling everyone to stay in the room no matter what, Jupiter is missing. We know by now how free-spirited he is, and I didn’t know whether to sigh or laugh when Venus says he’s off to the sea to eat raw fish while dancing. They also have a teeny, 18-m long problem; Pluto has dumped her WIP sharks into the sea. The members head out to the beach to search for him, and Pluto quickly comes up with another type of shark to help. I know I keep saying how cute Pluto is but I enjoy watching her create so enthusiastically! When her sharks spot Jupiter, a scene that’s straight out from a horror movie, Mars creates a tornado to get him out of there. They get additional sharks raining on their heads, however, they all come back safely to their rooms after the tiring night. Or, did they?

A scream coming from the workroom rushes all the members to see Mercury lying on the ground, with blood splattered all over and a heavy ashtray on his head. Jupiter takes it on himself to bring light to this unsolved murder case, which he seems quite thrilled about and starts investigating the clues left by the perpetrator. The most obvious one among them is the footsteps, and Neptune immediately does a taste test of the blood. It turns out that it’s flamingo milk, and with a little more snooping around, Neptune concludes that it was actually Mercury who stepped into milk and then walked backward, not the perpetrator. That’s one less mystery! But they still have the huge ashtray to explain. 

Even a friend lying on the ground in cold blood doesn’t stop them. 

Since the team members are the only ones on the island, they are also the only ones to be suspected. Jupiter listens to their testimonies one by one and Mars brings some pieces together, asking the essential question: who put together the threatening note in the first place? Someone must seriously have had to hide their handwriting. Only one name comes to mind but the suspect has already fled the investigation scene. Designers find Shimoda on the edge of a cliff, and soon a huge building called Dragon Palace of Relaxation rises from the depths of the ocean. It turns out; Saturn and Ueda had started to construct the palace to be ready for the vacation and Shimoda was flustered when everyone else went to the island before the arranged date. While Jupiter was having a moment, eating raw fish and dancing, he came across the palace and decided to act like a detective to keep the designers busy and distracted. 

I have to say, I liked the slight change in the genre this week! Although the usual bickering and non-stop designing were going strong as always, it was also an appreciated change to see different scenery than their usual room. And poor Mercury, he was so young and full of aspirations…. I can still hear his voice to this day. (๑ ⁍̥̥̥᷅ ᴈ⁍̥̥̥᷅)

He really went and confessed it… I love how brazen Jupiter is xD 

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