Hello, how’s life treating everyone? Hope you’re on the OK side of the spectrum. While I personally feel a little drained, it’s good to have some sort of schedule in front of me to stick to, so that I don’t drift off. Let me get to my review before I confuse here with my Twitter and ramble more.

I certainly didn’t expect the episode to open with a close-up of Neptune’s body while he was showering. Not that it was a supposed-to-be-sexy or ogling-heavily type of close-up, but I guess I was just surprised. And maybe felt a little blessed. There was another surprise, looks like we are still going with the mystery-thriller genre. When Mercury, Pluto, Shimoda, and Neptune are together in the break room, Neptune talks about feeling like he’s being watched while taking a bath but he doesn’t see anyone or anything else with him. I’m with Neptune and Shimoda on this; I’m a huge scaredy-cat, always imagine weird things behind the sounds I hear, and scare myself even more. It was worse when my cat was still with me and he would sometimes just… stare long and hard into some corner in the middle of the night. Was he looking at a gate to Otherside Toriko and Sorawo are currently mingling with? Guess I’ll never know… *plays X-Files-OP.mp3*

It’s then the client enters the chat and requests that they ‘deal with it’. And that’s what they do. The next course of action is to design an animal that “watches you even though it looks like nothing’s there”. Similar to the members, we are no strangers to the maxed level of weirdness in the office, thus the brainstorming starts. Shimoda proposes they use chameleons as the base since they can adjust their color and blend into the environment. We learn from Mercury that the blending is just a result they benefit from, and in reality, they change colors according to the light and their mood. Like those cheap rings that were popular when I was young. However, the change of color occurs very slowly, hence chameleons are ruled out. Neptune asks Pluto about a type of squid she created that could change color and a transparent squid seems doable. Sadly, it’s still pretty obvious that it’s there.

50k slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers fic we all love to read
Look me in the eyes and tell me it’s not him.

Without losing hope, Mercury and Pluto quickly devise a plan on making a transparent fish. They consult Mars on whether blood could be colorless. While that’s not possible due to hemoglobin, Pluto and Neptune solve the problem together by transporting oxygen through plasma only, give the fish a bigger heart and thicker veins to increase efficiency. Welcome, crocodile icefish! I’ve only heard of Indian glassfish with a transparent body before, looks like glassfish and the icefish belong to the same class but different families. The amount of unnecessary high school biology knowledge that keeps coming back to me as I watch this show is unbelievable.

Stop bullying Shimoda 2k21!

In the second half, Grandpa Saturn is back to help his grandson realize his first love. I didn’t think of this before but a divine creator who’s obsessed with horses as your grandad would be so handy! He has a drawing at hand and even though he visits Pluto to ask whether she saw any other kid, it’s a dead end since the festivals are crowded. Pluto herself is working on a creature with eyes that stand out to submit the design for the competition. It cracks me up when such fictional stories incorporate more real-life and corporal aspects. Saturn is back to square one, which means it’s time for the ultimate final exam period student approach: fake it till you make it.

Seeing the prototype of an alien coming out hand in hand with Mars and Saturn, I gave up on trying to guess what kind of animal we’ll end up with at the end of the episode. I mean, where do you go from that? While I’m baffled with my tea mug in hand, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars waste no time getting into specifics on eyeball size, tongue length, and whether it’s a herbivore or carnivore. Because its eyes are facing forwards, Saturn says it’s a carnivore and it chases its prey by running after it, but the physical build suggests that it can only feed on insects. They don’t forget to ask Shimoda’s opinion as well, and he does his best to be constructive. The finishing touch is to cute-ify the alien with soft fur, and right when they think it’s finally ready for the touching reunion with Kenta, Pluto enters the room with the exact animal. It turns out, Kenta’s new favorite is what Pluto has been working on!

Half of this episode was me trying to unsee the things I have laid my eyes on.

While Kenta is hugging it out with the Philippine tarsier, Saturn and Mars are adamant about making something out of the base they worked on. We now need an animal with good hearing, and from the eye position on its face, it still has to be a carnivore. Meaning it should be discrete when hunting. Saturn and Mars start from a canine-like shape for ears but gradually move on to different designs and don’t hesitate to use Shimoda as prey. Through Shimoda’s feedback, we finally have… owls. I’m enjoying the ride at this point.

I have to say, owls indeed are very cute, especially when they walk around! It’s also not a surprise that my favorite Haikyuu character is Bokuto, whose design is based on a horned owl which is Venus’ addition. While the feathers on top of its head have no function in survival, God said cuteness for the win!

How was this week’s episode for you? Were you able to guess any animals from the prototype, or you let yourself enjoy the team’s thought process? Let me know, and see you next week!

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