Hello everyone! Although Heaven’s Design Team is a Thursday show, I made it a habit to watch it on Sundays. With series like Jujutsu Kaisen, it can be a hindrance to fall behind on the season, especially if you mind spoilers as I do. But I can leisurely enjoy these goofballs whenever I want.

Things are getting laxer in the office as time goes by considering God went from “Here’s my request,” to “Cheers~” or “Do something about it”. The team’s current task is to come up with an animal that “tickles one’s maternal instincts” and Shimoda first visits two members who he thinks are suitable for the job: Neptune and Venus. He visits Jupiter too but everyone’s hands are full with their own projects. Right when he starts pondering on whether he can find someone to take up the task, Pluto comes to the rescue! Well, sort of. Shimoda can’t voice any of his doubts to her face but Jupiter is brazen enough to do so. Together, they start exchanging ideas on what would tickle motherly instincts, while the rest shivers with serious concern on their faces. Things take a creepy turn in a heartbeat.

Jupiter is developing a type of crab with long legs where a male imprisons a female to prevent them from running away from mating. Sounds a lot like kabe-don, if you ask me. While Pluto considers if this is a form of love, Venus and Neptune intervene to direct that idea into more conventional ones, like carrying the offspring or fatherly love. Pluto and Neptune are having none of that. They remind everyone that these creations are not as ‘morally pure’ as they make them out to be. In the end, it’s “Do as I say, not as I do,”. When it’s presentation time, Pluto surprises everyone by creating something fluffy and one that the father holds, no less. But of course, it’s a parasite’s egg that roots itself into the host’s body and confuses it into thinking the egg is their child.

In the second half, Shimoda is our enthusiastic host with his cute and sparkly bow tie, where Neptune and Jupiter are going to compete over to create “a bird that lives on an island of ice”. Venus and Saturn will be the judge and Mars is at Galapagos to test out the creations. The first course of action is to come up with the bird itself. Neptune reveals his design, while Jupiter pulls that lame trick where during rock-paper-scissors you land with rock but open your hand the last second to counter after seeing the opponent’s hand. His design is Neptune’s bird + long legs. This round goes to Neptune since the addition of legs affects its speed.

Then, step by step they compete in categories such as better physical features to catch fish, drink seawater, chick design, stay underwater for a longer duration, child and parent interaction, and what will the parent do for the child in cases of food shortage. It’s a close fight until the end, and when it comes down to the final battle, God joins in on the fun by accepting whatever the team comes up with. Yet again an acceptance frenzy!

They look more like a glam rock band, but ok.

I have to say, I knew I’d like this series after reading the premise but I never expected to like it to this extent! There are fresh and fun ideas every week, I love all of the cast both individually and as a team, I have such a good time and can’t wait for the next week. Hopefully you have as much fun as I do! This is all for this week, have a nice day and see you tomorrow ~

Note: One thought that comes back to me as I watch this season is that it’s actually hard to write a good gag comic/manga, let alone adapting it into animation and how Heaven’s Design Team keeps coming up with innovative sub-themes like the talk show in this episode. It’s admirable that the 6th volume is out and it’s still ongoing. One outstanding example of such a comic is Dinosaur Comics, where Ryan North writes a different dialogue every day to the same panels… since 2003??!! At first, it comes off as easier than drawing something different every week but I personally find his creativity praiseworthy.

And what business he has with being this funny constantly??

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