Greetings fellow specimen. As we are nearing the end of the season, I’m trying to come to terms with not having Heaven’s Design Team in my life by finding solace in Gokushufudo’s anime adaptation, to be released in April. By very luck, last year one of the manga publishers here announced that they have licensed the manga to be released in 2021. Double the yakuza househusband fun! Okay sorry, this started to look like a shameless advertisement abruptly squeezed in, I’m just excited. And maybe a bit in love with Tatsu and want someone similar in my life because I loathe housework.

Me at myself: Dramatic much??

Although I don’t have as strong negative feelings towards it as I do for cleaning, another thing I don’t enjoy is the isekai genre. Of course, there are titles that I’ve come to enjoy; such as Magic Knight Rayearth that I grew up with, or funny takes like Hataraku Maou-sama or Shinchou Yuusha. Still, genre-wise it’s not my cup of tea. And of course, Heaven’s Design Team had to pull a “Say no more,” on me and go that direction. This week, the poor guy finds himself spawned in the middle of a heated debate, an unfamiliar ‘queendom’ to boot. He meets 213 and starts exploring how this queendom operates. 

There are individual numbers instead of names here, and all of the beings wear the same outfit and look very much like each other. They don’t age and don’t have diseases like cancer, since it’s related to cell growth. Putting less importance on individualism, they prioritize the community, and Shimoda is impressed by how smoothly things seem to operate and how knowledgeable 213 is. We learn that it was all thanks to 213’s predecessor 72, who handed their notes down about anything and everything about the queendom but their notes end when they write about defying the queen with blood splattered over the pages. The queen herself makes her first cameo to hand over the health supplement to 213.

We all know by now that without some weird stuff, it wouldn’t be a worthy episode. They visit the nursery together where some of the beings are stacked as a bed for newborns. I have to say, strange as it may look, this made sense. Kind of. I just liked the idea of a bed without the need to warm it up during winter. Anyways, an attack disrupts this all-too-perfect stroll and during the commotion, Shimoda’s authority questioning brings 213 to their senses as well and in a turn of events, it’s affirmed that the queen was indeed brainwashing the workers and it was none other than 72! Whew, a season’s worth of drama in the span of 10 minutes. Heaven’s Design Team is a gift that keeps on giving. 

The second half of the show: Mythbusters to the rescue!
I’m going to petition to change the name of the series to The Sorrows of Angel Shimoda

I was going to write “Shimoda once again walked in on a weird situation in the office,” but I wonder if there’s any moment which is not weird. Yokota from Hell has requested an animal that can communicate without using sound and right when Saturn was in the middle of transferring his design that totally looked like a summoning, One of the boys from the bug department contributed to the design, and they create a beast that can communicate with pheromones. But, if there’s one thing more important than the work itself, it’s tea time. The team leaves the beast stuck in between worlds and continues their chat over some tea and Shimoda’s red bean buns. The topic is aging, its effect on the population, and genetic mutations between generations, concerning the new inquiry about a rejuvenating animal. It all ends with a bang and some time rewinding where we see the younger Saturn, and even younger members. 

Elephant in the room
Saturn was already hot and not gonna lie, his younger version is good as well >:)c

I can’t help but stress as a STEM major grad, this anime does an amazing job at simulating these complicated scientific concepts and making them very easy to understand and engaging. Scientific cartoons have played a big role in me gaining interest in these topics, and it’d be amazing to have such videos or projects to work on first-hand myself when I was in high school. It’s simply so innovative.

It’s been a couple of years since we stopped using the daylight saving time changes and countries that do have changed their settings recently. Hence my posting times have ‘shifted’. This was all for today, tomorrow I’ll be back with a new manga review for the “I Read It So You Don’t Have To” segment. I’ve also started a much shorter, BL version on my Twitter if you feel like discovering interesting and free-to-read BL titles. Have a nice week ahead, and see you tomorrow!

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