Hello peeps. I’ve been meaning to add a couple of new stuff in this segment but got lazy in putting the actual work. Today I’ll be recommending an app that saved me hundreds of times during classes; be it taking photographs of notes or the whiteboard because I’m short-sighted and even if I sit at the very front I have hard time seeing clearly. I also used it several times for taking photographs of my physical copies during my BL challenge. I’m happy to introduce:

Microsoft Lens is a great app that has different modes like document, whiteboard, or business card and the output can be in many different file formats such as png or pdf. Once my friend needed a portion of a book and I easily took photos of the pages, compiled them in a pdf and sent as an email in one app. Believe me, it looks almost like it’s scanned. I wanted to take a couple of photos to show you the difference but sadly (!) the weather is really good today with lots of sunlight so the ones I took with the camera look nice as well… Damn you, spring!

I chose this manga solely because I love it and haven’t recommended before but just noticed that it’s about photography… got played by my subconsciousness

What’s good about this app is that when you are to take a photo of a page, the camera recognizes the boundaries of the page, or the storyboard lines in the manga and processes only that portion as the photo and not the background. If the background does get included, in the next step you can easily adjust the frame and no further cropping or editing needed.

Sorry for my shaky hands 😦

Aaaand the resulting panel is:

I also tried it with The Promised Neverland’s cover in a less bright room.

The left is my camera and the right is the app. I did a crappy job at cropping and not sure if it’s the bright colors deceiving me, but the right looks more clear to me. While I know it depends on where you are viewing this post as well, but in the devices I use, the right looks exactly as the original cover while the left looks paler or blue-ish. The app automatically applies filters suitable for what you’re taking a photo of, however you can turn it off if it doesn’t look as good. Because sometimes colors indeed look a little weird.

Here are some of my other posts that has photos I took with Lens if you want to see more examples. I wanted to recommend it because Lens makes editing & uploading much easier. And no one can say no to beautiful manga panels or posters on their blog posts, I assume! Hope this was helpful, and see you in my next recommendation! If there’s anything I’m doing on the blog that you’re curious about how I’m doing it, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or message me over my Twitter. Until then ~



Aioi Musubi

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