Greetings! Here with another recommendation that I adore. I have to say I’m sadly just 15 episodes into the series because Lezhin is a damn expensive platform with very limited free coin offers compared to other platforms. I gradually open chapters when I have spare coins. This will be more of an early review, but I had to include it in the challenge because it’s that interesting! 

Title: Wolf in the House
Author & Artist: Park Ji-yeon
Release Year: 2017
Status: Completed, 79 chapters. 
Licensed? (Y/N): Yes, on Lezhin! All ages & Mature

Minsuk is an editor and essayist in his 30’s. He recently broke up with his boyfriend of 10 years and is kind of relieved since he thinks their relationship had served its time. That’s when he comes across a missing dog post on Twitter and they are looking for someone to adopt it. Minsuk thinks it’s too bad since the dog is a Siberian husky and is quite big to easily find a new home. But as that one famous philosopher said, if you want something done, you should do it yourself! Afraid that the dog might be put down and not being able to get a dog because his ex hated them for 10 years, Minsuk is now living with a chunky, furry boi called Bexan.

He’s taken the important step and brought him home, and goes out once again to shop some food for Bexan. When he returns, however, a handsome man with a collar around his neck, long legs extended on the table, casually greets him. After some struggling, fighting, and resigning in the end, Minsuk learns that Bexan is not a dog, but a werewolf. They are usually mistaken as dogs, however, during the day they are in their dog form, and at night, they turn into their human form. Bexan had heard there were other werewolves like him in Siberia and he was traveling to go to Russia to meet them. When he arrived in Seoul, he was in his dog form and people thought he was a missing dog. Hence, currently, Bexan is staying at Bexan’s house until he can figure out a way to go to Russia.

I’ve known the artist from another title of theirs, Momentum, again on Lezhin. I loved the storytelling and art style there, and the premise of Wolf in the House seemed interesting so I gave it a shot. I was in for a treat! Bexan is one funny character, both as a dog and as a human, and his facial expressions and mannerisms were drawn very animatedly that I couldn’t pass a panel without squealing! His dynamic with Minsuk is fleshed out so well, it has immensely sensual moments to it as much as it’s cute. That’s what I specifically love about Park Ji-yeon’s work; their men are so pleasing to the eye and the tension between them is so lascivious and portrayed so well that it feels like I can touch it.  

Not just the sexual and emotional tension, but the artist is talented in bringing comedy to the story as well. Among the chapters I’ve read, I laughed the hardest at Bexan going viral over the internet and opening his own Instagram account as his dog self. Not only he was forcing Minsuk to take good photographs of him with correct filters, but he’d also fight with online trolls while Minsuk is… so done with his constant buffoonery on the side. The gap between Bexan’s husky face vs. the comedic face is too adorable for me to handle! Is this what people call “duality”?

Before I wrap my post up, I don’t know if this title would qualify as bestiality, since the term refers to sexual relationships between humans and animals in fanlore but here, the sexual acts only happen when Bexan is in his human form. I’m bad at tagging but just wanted to mention here if you think you might be uncomfortable about it. 

I recommend Wolf in the House especially to people who enjoy supernatural elements in their stories. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s pretty, it’s interesting; too good to be true, if you ask me. I hope today’s pick was to your liking as well, let me know what you think, enjoy my “Goodest Boi Bexan” selection on your way out and see you next week! 


A — Ameiro Paradox
B — Blue Sky Complex
C — Coyote
D — Dear, My God
E — Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki
F — Full…
G — The Good Teacher
H — Hakujon to Kurobotan
I — Itadakimasu Gochisousama
J — Jealousy
K — Koi wo Suru Tsumori wa Nakatta
L — Love Tractor
M — Momo to Manji
N — Novae
O — Oh, My Assistant!
P — Piercings
Q — Quit Writing, Dear Author
R — Ryu no Otto, Boukoku no Kami
S — Saha
T — The Trees in Spring
U — Unknown
V — This Villain Emperor’s Gonna Charm the Male Lead to Survive
W — Wolf in the House
X — XXX Buddy
Y — Your Eyes, My Words
Z — Zarco

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2 Replies to “W — WOLF IN THE HOUSE”

  1. I love this series so much. I just discovered your blog and I completely agree about the wonderful balance of humor and sensuality in WITH. I’ve been so sad that I don’t have any fujoshi friends to share it with! I’m also sad that Lezhin’s English site only offers the All Ages version. I can read some Korean (I’m American but working in Korea the past 5 years) so I’m currently trying to order the unexpurgated volumes in Korean. I need to know what happens in season 2, even if my Korean reading is very slow. BTW, I love that your current list includes both Fruits Basket and Secondhand Time. My kind of fujoshi! (I’ve got both on my future list.) Thank you so much for your blog! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only WITH fan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Odessa! So glad you ended up here, I’m happy to meet another WITH fan because like you said, looks like there isn’t as much talk on social media about it compared to other titles. Such a shame! Lezhin does have the mature version of the series in English, but you have to use either the web browser or (if you have any Android device) there’s a Lezhin Plus app where you can view R-rated works. But it might also be a good way to practice on your Korean reading skills! xD I can never say no to physical copies, especially when it comes to such a beautiful piece of work.

      And another bookworm! Looks like we have the same tastes when it comes to our picks. uvu Thank you so much for commenting, you made my day. I’m happy to meet you, have a nice day!


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