You’d think you’ve seen the last of my ridiculousness huh? Think again!

Although I’ve always liked plants and wanted to take care of them, I had to wait to have my place, but even when I finally moved out of dorms, without much planning I adopted a stray kitten. We probably all know what happens when you mix cats and plants; two pots I got all cheery and hopeful couldn’t last more than 2 days. After my cat passed away and I missed the feeling of taking care of something that I started buying plants. Who can say no to some color in the living room!

Since it’s spring, and I’m busy with re-potting, it felt like the right time to make such a list. Have fun ~

Look at that dumb face… not having a single care in the world and casually munching on my plants…

Oddish (Pokemon)

Blurring the boundaries right off the bat. Is it a plant? Is it an animal? Or we’re gonna call it a monster and that’ll be it? All I know is that I’d want one because it’s the cutest thing. The closest plant I can get in real life seems to be Mandrake, the poisonous plant that Oddish is based on. I didn’t know this plant had hallucinogenic compounds in them and thus have been used in magic rituals or witchcraft, or even in today’s contemporary occult practices. I don’t believe in them, but I feel like it’d be a cool topic to bring up at parties. 10/10 would buy one, but it’d probably be dangerous for people who live with their pet friends since it contains poison. 

Nee (Ao no Exorcist)

Speaking of fictional cuties, I couldn’t pass Nee up. Belonging in the Greenman classification, Nee is a low-ranked demon that has plant-like properties and it was summoned by Shiemi during class and now is a familiar of her. Shiemi herself has always been in love with plants, helping her grandmother tending their beautiful garden and listening to the stories of Amahara Garden, a garden created by God and has all the plants in the world. Summoning such a small and charming demon might seem impractical when fighting other demons, but Shiemi is very clever in finding ways to utilize Nee’s powers, and together, they make a great pair! 12/10 would want to summon a Greenman myself.

Plants (Trigun)

This was a no-brainer. If you haven’t seen Trigun (With all due respect, what have you been doing all this time???), plants are beings that can generate power, or depending on the conditions, even food or water. They are kept in these giant light bulbs and are the energy source of cities on this fictional land. Do they come in miniature sizes? Because that’s one aesthetically pleasing plant! It’d look really cool as home decor and probably generate enough electricity to charge your phone. If you can handle being part of corrupt political practices or being under the spotlight of research labs from all over the world, these plants are a must. 9/10 worth the risk.

Fish-plants (Hoozuki no Reitetsu)

Even the characters in the show themselves have questions when they see these fish-plants Hoozuki’s taking care of. You can plant them in pots or on land, or serve the fish when Satan from the European Hell comes for a visit. Japanese Hell also holds annual contests where you can compete with the plant you cultivated. Not going to lie, these look cute but the sounds they make are very creepy. If you’re going for a spooky aesthetic in your flat, these are certainly for you. Would be fun and educational to take care of them if you have kids. 14/10 would buy a bunch to scare my next-door neighbors away because they are DAMN noisy.

Look at my husband, responsibly feeding the plants some sake.

Higanbana (Tokyo Ghoul)

A round of applause for spider lilies for being the only real flower on the list! It’ll be no surprise to all of you when I say that flower language is used in anime as subtle metaphors quite frequently. I wrote Tokyo Ghoul in the header but spider lilies can be spotted in numerous series. Their Latin name is Lycoris radiata, and are usually called Higanbana in Japanese. These lilies apparently signal the arrival of the fall season. Since they are commonly offered by Buddhist monks in a ceremony to celebrate their ancestors at their tombs, it is often associated with death. To me, they are extremely pretty and while other types have different colors such as yellow or white-ish pink, the red ones stand out the most. 15/10 would try to cultivate these lilies myself and stare at them all day.

What do you think? Found a plant that you liked in the list? Or is there another plant that I didn’t think of but you’d like to add? Let me know and have a nice day ~


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