Hello! Nowadays I want to do nothing but read, it seems. While I can’t exactly call it a writing block, I didn’t feel like writing so I gave myself a tiny break. Is this how it feels like to be your own boss? Glad that I’m not a CEO of a huge conglomerate or something because boy, I’d give myself a break all day, every day and the companies would tank in a week. Crisis: averted. Although being able to buy manga and merch without batting an eye sounds like a good perk. Hmm. Maybe I should try to create a situation where I can meet a workaholic, hot, 30-something CEO and melt their heart with my non-existent cuteness so I can marry them. Not to toot my own horn, but sounds like a solid plan.

This week we had a Yui-focused episode. I wanted to say it was damn time but seeing my beloved Yui struggling hurt me on a physical level.

Being as close as they are, Maeda knows something is bothering Yui but she herself is quite nervous about the performance and holding the other members back that she hesitates on reaching out to her friend. Yui suddenly declaring that she won’t be continuing playing the instrument doesn’t help either. I have to say, I was as surprised as Maeda. We knew she got into the team because the club needed members but I thought she blended in well with the rest and was having fun. Other members were comfortable with her being there as well; true, they joked around about the sentai clothes she got but happily wore them or Nagamori embroidered flowers on their sliding thingies that match their colors, indulging Yui.

During the flashback scenes that start all the way from their elementary school years, we see how Yui took up the caring role in that friendship because of Maeda’s anxiety and lack of self-confidence, and how this dynamic became habitual. Her perception of Maeda, a beautiful, loving, and naive young woman who only has positivity in her, in turn, affects Yui’s perception of herself. And her feelings towards Kaito but Kaito having feelings for Maeda for the longest time partly feeds the inferiority Yui is feeling. When I write my reviews at a later time than I watch the episode, I revisit some of the scenes and I get teary-eyed every time I listen to Yui’s monologue here. I’m glad Maeda went in for that full hug I felt like giving to Yui and reminded her once again that she is needed and valid for feeling the way she does.

I love him so much
The mentality all social media users need.

In the meantime, other schools continue performing their arrangements and Nagamori is jealous with capital letters because how dare anyone else other than him gets all the attention? The disrespect! Mai is also backstage with her team members when she hears that Setsu is finally back and rushes into their dressing room to declare war once again. Is that a pre-performance ritual for her? How to unsee meme.

I snorted big time when I read MaiMai and Her Fantastic Friends, but at the same time that would make a good name for an indie synth-pop group. Her team confidently walks up to the stage and takes their places, while our team takes their places in the audience. When depicting rivalries, sometimes the focus is too much on the rivalry aspect and less about the talent or effort of the respectful parties. I loved how Mai is serious in her pursuit of shamisen, has her own vision and type of contribution to the repertoire to a level that it is known, and above all, has talent and hard work to back all of this up. I don’t know what she meant by the “What does it matter if I’m female,” line. Was she not taking as seriously as her brother or Seiryuu? Or is it about the succession of the name Kamiki? I do hope we get to learn more about it in the upcoming episodes and it’s inspiring to see her firmly putting her foot down, demanding the rightful attention. Her arrangement and performance were remarkable.

The last moments of the episode are our team getting ready to go on stage. After listening to Mai’s splendid performance, Setsu feels like they should add an orthodox element to stand out from the rest and talks it out with Nagamori. While I understand the sentiment, it’s not the wisest decision because he only speaks to Nagamori about it. I hope it’s not something that can throw off the rest of the members and cause them to make mistakes. With Umezono Academy’s announcement, it’s curtain call for us and showtime for the members. I honestly thought we’d get to hear the team this episode but what a tease!

How was this episode for you? Did you get emotional like me when Maeda hugged Yui? Did Kaito’s compliment on Yui make your heart skip a tiny beat? Let me know in the comments! Otherwise, take care and see you soon ~

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