Because I’m so not fond of kids, but I wouldn’t mind waving at them when I come across them in the elevator. The thought of this list came to me while I was watching To Your Eternity some weeks ago and I was extremely annoyed with March’s arc, or specifically, annoyed with March as a character. Turning that thought into something positive, I wanted to write about anime kids that I find adorable! 

Conan from Detective Conan

He is technically a high schooler but we see him in his child form so I think he counts as one. Detective Conan aired on TV when I was a kid myself but this didn’t stop me from crushing on him. Even then, I had a thing for smart characters wearing glasses, like Sailor Mercury or Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth. *gasps* Never knew I had a type… Anyways, I had to add Conan because he seems like the type of kid that’ll annoy you because they are too smart for their own good and it hurts your adult pride. 11/10 would make them do my assignments while I watch my weekly anime. 

Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Talk about cuteness being out of this world! Literally and figuratively. Kanna is the second dragon we meet in the series and the moment I saw her, this little blob captured my heart. She arrives at Tohru’s house to take Kobayashi back (she’s also temporarily exiled for pulling pranks but that’s beside the point) and when Kobayashi refuses to, Kanna starts living with them instead. I wish her and her friend-slash-admirer Riko a very happy future in this Pride month. 13/10 would ask permission to squeeze her cheeks. 

Riko from Made in Abyss

When people ask me what do I miss from the pre-Covid times, I have a hard time answering because I’ve always been so attached to my home and all of my hobbies are either handicrafts or reading/watching/playing games that don’t require leaving the comfort of my couch. So why Riko? Well, because she’s charming for one. Even though I may personally not be a fan of exploration or being out and about, I got this sense of fulfillment watching her face lighting up whenever she discovers something that’s interesting. An inquisitive and curious child is really the best. 10/10 would welcome her with a warm cup of tea when she returns from her expeditions and listen to her stories. 

Kohina from Gugure! Kokkuri-san

My top 2 are so close to each other, they could swap places and I would be okay with that. I remember talking about Kokkuri-san in a 4-coma manga recommendation post, but I certainly didn’t expect that the post would be from 6 years ago… Can’t believe the anime aired back in 2014! Anyways, it’s still a big favorite of mine. Kohina is a child who insists she’s a doll that has no emotions and only needs instant ramen as fuel. One day she summons the fox spirit Kokkuri-san. He haunts Kohina and they start living together. 

While I totally understand Kokkuri-san’s frustrations with Kohina because she’s hard to communicate with at times, she’s still very funny and sweet, and the pranks she plays on Kokkuri-san are hilarious. 14/10 would protect her from her stalker Inugami and feed her instant ramen when Kokkuri-san isn’t looking. 

Naru from Barakamon

Any child from Barakamon could make it into this list, to be honest. They are all so well-fleshed out and truly child-like, instead of having a young adult mind in a child’s body. But my love for Naru is so strong that I uttered the ultimate sentence “If I were to get a guarantee that my child would be like Naru, I’d maybe think about having one.” Now, that’s one big statement. And she’s that precious.

Naru is the embodiment of sunshines and rainbows, and she has such a healthy energy that just by looking at her, I know I’d feel refreshed. 16/10 would sell seashells with her, have lazy sunday painting sessions together and kindly ask for her help when I have bug-related problems at home.

There are other young characters that I love but some of them didn’t quite fit the criteria (like Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100) or they were cute in their own way, but I had limited space (like Tsumugi from Sweetness & Lightning or Rin from Usagi Drop). Do you have any favorite kid characters in anime or manga? Or what did you think about the ones I chose? Let me know in the comments! Otherwise, take care of yourself and see you around ~

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  1. This is a great list haha! With some rules, you could even turn it into a tag post! I’d definitely love to have Naru be my neighbour, or any child from Barakamon as you’ve mentioned. They’re all lovely.

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