What’s up, my dudes. It’s TMI time. 

#based on what i heard from Long-haired bishounen is my obsession.

I’ve moved into my current flat solely because it was close to the university that I was doing my Ph.D. at and the university was far off the city. So instead of suffering the long commute every day and being potentially late to the recitations I was T.A.’ing, it made sense living close back in the day. Now that I’m looking for other doctorate options abroad and quit this one, I was planning to move closer to my brother and friends. If you’ve never been to Istanbul before, let me tell you, this city is huge. Anyways, the idea was there, more or less, but then the pandemic happened right after I failed my qualification exam, decided to leave the program, and look for shorter and more research-focused options, preferably in Europe. 

Of course, I postponed my moving plans. They were just vaguely there anyway and no one knew what the near future had in store for themselves, me included. Now that things have settled and my landlord told me that she was considering selling the flat, the idea had to take some kind of shape. My lease won’t be ending before January, but I said why not look into it now. 

Is there a place for me beyond those clouds?

Tl;dr: I’ve started house-hunting this week. 

We have a saying that you shouldn’t be laughing at others’ misery because the exact same thing will happen to you if you do. Is this my punishment for laughing at this season’s house-hunting dragon Letty too much? I swear I only thought it was cute, and nothing more. Okay, maybe I made fun of Dearia too much because a real estate agent/architect elf is a hilarious idea. Nevertheless, the intention was good. 

Spending my days on the couch didn’t help me one bit when doing all the walking, either. I’ve had enough of going out, to be honest. Still, it’s probably better than what’s to come when I actually find an appropriate flat… I’ll be packing a whole a** flat by myself… When the agents hear that I’m living alone, they think I have only a couch and a refrigerator, maybe 3 plates or something. My head hurts just by imagining, but that’s future Nora’s problems. 

Since I’m dealing with all this and staying at my brother’s place, I haven’t had the time or the energy to gather my remaining two brain cells to write this week’s Those Snow White Notes review. And here I was worried about writing too long of a post because I adored the episode. I didn’t have too much time to invest in reading your posts as well. Upside to this, though, I couldn’t watch the first part of Attack on Titan’s final season. I’m not a huge fan of the series, and it’s been too long since I’ve completed 3rd season, I had no idea what happened there. I’m glad I watched it with my brother because hoo boy, I’d otherwise have no idea who’s who or what’s what. 

Constant mood of the week.

This was my small update on why I had to suddenly stop updating, and I’ll probably skip this week and be back on Monday because, over the weekend, there’s Fujocon online. I’ll try to do my best to keep up partially with their schedule, time zone-wise it’ll be hell for me. There are really interesting panels and the honorary guest is Scarlet Beriko, a BL mangaka that I’ve admired for so long. If you didn’t know beforehand and missed the registration deadline, you can look for the camera emoji in the schedule because those will be recorded and up on their channel. If you’re a BL fan, or had misconceptions or prejudice against the genre and want to learn more about it and broaden your horizons, this might be a good start ~

Thank you so much for understanding, and excuse my absence while I melt under the afternoon sun, walk 20 mins, climb the 5th-floor stairs only to take 2 seconds to look at a flat. Love you all, have a nice day!!

Header from: Gintama Season 1, Episode 136 “It’s Your House, You Build It

6 Replies to “SMALL UPDATE”

  1. I hope everything works out! I hate moving bc I have to move my things but also it’s kind of exciting to rearrange things, just wish my things would magically teleport themselves 😩 which reminds me, I’ll probably be doing a bit of that later this year…sigh. I hope you enjoyed the con? I totally missed it and they didn’t have registration during the weekend, but it’s nice to know that they’ll have something on their channel after

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    1. “just wish my things would magically teleport themselves”

      Honestly!! That’s the part I hate the most… but thank you for the kind words! And good luck to you too… :,)

      Fujocon was fun! It was nice getting to know new people and attending panels. I didn’t have time to attend the games, but the panels and live drawing sessions were good. Almost every panel was recorded and they’ll be up soon so you can catch up ~


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