Helloooo everyone! I squeezed this review in between the Fujocon panels I attended. This has been a very fun, exciting, and sleep-deprived weekend and I’ll write about my experience in the following days, but I didn’t want to let this episode go. As I said in my update, I loved it a lot and had things to say. Not necessarily things that need to be heard or important, but just nice and maybe not so nice feelings I wanted to convey. Let’s roll. 

I shock myself for fun by reminding myself of Wakana’s age whenever he appears on the screen. Wakana, in turn, is shocked because Kamiki Ryuugen, the legendary man himself has graced the Matsugoro Cup. Apparently, he’d never even stepped foot into the competitions in Aomori. Well… I never would have guessed in my life that he’d turn out to be — I’ll get to that later. 

*in Morgan Freeman voice* The plot thickens…

This show is seriously making me question whether I was this easy to surprise all along? Because I feel like all I’m saying in my reviews are what I expected to happen and how the show turned the tables on me. I loved how the “every contestant has quirky rituals they perform before the competition” trope was made so unnecessarily dramatic and funny like it’s a scene from Daily Lives of High School Boys. While the wind starts to blow in a different direction and the dramatic reveal of Tokyo red bean rice being flavorless compared to Aomori’s, the individual contestants take the stage one by one. You know, the trivial stuff. 

And the tension doesn’t drop for one second backstage. I don’t understand why anyone bothers to listen to the performances instead of grabbing an XL-sized popcorn and watch families go passive-aggressive on each other at the main hall. In the span of a couple of seconds, Wakana’s big brother senses have tingled and he tried to deal with Kamiki himself, Setsu scorned him, and watching everything through the security camera, Umeko ordered both Wakana and Kamiki to meet her. To be honest, when Kamiki said he wanted to ascertain his son’s talent, and then continued with “To tell you the truth…” I didn’t catch on he was the father until Kouta spilled the tea later on. Thank you for spelling it out for the dumb ones in the back, Kouta. Also, please accept me as your gossip buddy.

The Umeko-Kamiki meeting left a really bad taste in my mouth. It doesn’t come from a “But they are supposed to be family, sad face” kind of point, but overly obsessive people that have no regard for others just tick me off. More so if the parties are adults who should be better at putting two and two together. At least I’m not alone in this, Wakana seems pretty much burnt out being constantly in the midst of their parents’ everlasting battle over Matsugoro’s artistry. Although I’m the younger sibling in my family, I understand Wakana’s attempt at shielding Setsu from Umeko and Kamiki and trying to put up with their stupidity himself. I hope he’s finding comfort in somewhere else, though. I’m concerned about him. 

She’s the queen who ships anything and everything ‘problematic’, I just know.
That didn’t age well…

I think at this point Ragawa sensei remembered that this was a shamisen series and the team is at an important competition, we focus on what we came here for. The performances. The second half is dedicated to highlighting the difference in approaches of Kaji and Arakawa. The prim and proper vs. the flashy and fun. All those sports anime watching and rooting for the underdog of course had me kind of siding with Kaji. And the series seemed to side with him too, with the wind metaphors and comments from Setsu and the audience only to?? Have his string break in the middle of a performance?? The disrespect! 

It was really unfortunate for him, and although I still haven’t watched last week’s episode (#11) he most probably won’t be given a second chance as it’s the responsibility of a contestant to take care of their equipment. Will this stop me from praying for him to get another chance? Of course not. 

A big hug to all my online frens, here and on Twitter, for being so encouraging the past week with sweet comments or putting up with my rants. You’re the best. I say this every time, but it’s only because I mean it. Hope you have a fantastic Monday, or as fantastic as it can get, and may the next weekend come fast! My usual schedule will continue from tomorrow onwards. Take care!

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