Hello everyone, I hope the week went well without major problems, and the end-of-season blues isn’t hitting you that hard. As I want to continue recommending BL, I thought Fridays would be a good day to do so, replacing my month-long challenge. I’ll reformat this post in the future, as I still haven’t come up with a base header and title for the segment (like my Wednesday Jump reviews), yet I didn’t want to stall until I do either. Until I can reactivate my Canva powers, I’ll make do with temporary Gintoki and title. In the meantime, if you have any fun or creative title/theme you can think of for me, please help a fella out.

Title: Take Off
Author & Artist: Jui
Status: Ongoing, 26 chapters. Updates on Thursdays (or Fridays, depending on your time zone)
Where to read: Webtoon & Tapas

Andrew Sun is on his way back to New York. He’s 20 years old and majoring in Film Studies at New Dork University (not a typo). All he wishes for is not to sit next to unreasonable people, which is fair since it’s a long-haul flight. When he learns that the two seats next to him are empty, he feels blessed to have the row all to himself.

But you know how it is with BL, these initial “I hope”s or “This is perfect”s never age well. The passenger that’s supposed to sit right behind him suddenly asks for his seat to be changed and Andrew has a new flight mate, Nathan Chang. He turns out to be a grad student and the new teaching assistant in the Art History department. Although they get off to a very rocky start, we find out in the following chapters that planets have already been aligning themselves for these two to meet!

I really need that tote bag

By now, everyone who reads my blog and their moms knows that I love me some good humor. And even though I wail every week in agony that the characters should confess and **** (kiss) already, slow-burn romances are totally my jam. And Take Off delivers the two just the way I enjoy them. I can’t comment too much on the slow-burn part since we’re only 26 chapters in but it’s really really funny. What can I say, I love having a good laugh while suffering internally. 

I love the way the characters are presented. While it may seem too much of a coincidence that these two ended up next to each other at first, which I won’t be spoiling here, I think it was blended into the story well and their conversation flow so naturally that nothing seems out of place or stretched, even their awkwardness around each other. The character designs are easy on the eyes, and lots of panels are meme-worthy. And as a person who’s TA’ed before, let me say I understand Nathan’s annoyance when he’s grading those student essays, and his excitement when he finds a gem amongst them. 

If you’re looking for a series to invest in that is funny, well-paced, sweet, and on a free-to-read platform to boot, I cannot recommend Take Off enough. It’s one of the webtoons I eagerly anticipate throughout the week! The artist has a Patreon where you can read more chapters in advance and have access to lots of additional illustrations, some of them being +18 depending on the tier you subscribe to.

Hopefully you’ll give Take Off a chance because it sure makes my Fridays a little better. I value feedback or requests, if there’s any platform or title you’ve been curious about and would like me to review for you, you can always drop a comment or find me in the depths of the interwebz, especially on my Twitter. Take care, and see you later!

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