Hello, and welcome to this week’s manga review of my series I Read It So You Don’t Have To. In this segment, I’m going to review Shonen Jump titles that are fully available on Manga Plus, where you can read official releases for free. I aim to cover whatever fits this criterion in their library, whether I enjoyed it or not. I might compare the titles to well-known series, but it’s to give the reader a taste rather than pitting them against each other. The reviews will contain light spoilers. Hope you can come across a title you might enjoy.

Title: Excuse me dentist, it’s touching me!
Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-life, Ecchi
Author & Artist: Yamazaki Sho
Release Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing, has 28 chapters.

Takuma Kurosumi is in a pinch. He might be known as Kurosumi, the Unmoving amongst the yakuza, and yes, maybe he’s the feared Wakagashira (the second person in command) of one of the two rival yakuza families. But like many of us, there are things he fears or puts off as much as he can. Still, he’s not a heartless man and abides by the dying wish of his most trusted underling Ezaki. He steels himself to finally face something he’s been running away from for the past 20 years, thus visits the dentist clinic nearby. 

You can do it!!

Too bad for him, the moment he calls the group to let them know about Ezaki, he finds out that it was all a stunt pulled by the man himself just to get Kurosumi to go to the dentist. To add more to his stress, Pearl Dentist clinic is run by a beautiful woman called Tomori Shirayuki. Even though Kurosumi is dead scared of women, for some reason he feels a weird sense of comfort and safety at the hands of Tomori. We watch her and Kurosumi slowly becoming friends through funny misunderstandings and inescapable situations. 

What works in Excuse me, dentist?

  • I don’t know what I was expecting, though I think I went into this series with a rather negative outlook for some reason. But I’m enjoying it so far! It’s taking a bit of effort, but the premise and the twists the series offer managed to keep me interested and I’m more than willing to keep up with the series weekly. 
  • The art style is very clean and to my taste! I was reminded of Masakazu Katsura’s I”s, the eyes are full and very expressive. Although the characters’ movements weren’t very dynamic, it didn’t bother me since this is not an action series. There’s also a good amount of detail put into clothing, which is something I always appreciate. 
  • You know I try my best to include different content that might be of interest to some of you and not just review BL, right? So it’s technically not my fault when certain BL elements jump out of the shounen manga I’m trying to review! Starting from the first chapter right with Ezaki’s “dying words”, there are a lot of suggestive moments that BL fans as I can enjoy. There are other themes in the story that I specifically look for in the BL manga I read, but you can find those out yourself as I wouldn’t want to spoil the story ~

What doesn’t work in Excuse me, dentist?

  • I said the series takes a bit of effort to enjoy, and that’s due to certain running gags in the story. There’s only a certain amount of repetitiveness I can take without rolling my eyes or skipping speech bubbles. For example, Tomori uses a toilet analogy to rate how good/bad the dental hygiene of a person is; Queen’s loo being the best and the elementary school toilets being the worst. I feel like this joke can only come off as funny once, or twice if you’re lucky but when it’s carried into the following chapters, I don’t know what to do with it. This is the only reason why I’m on the fence with this manga, there are times where it really shines, and there are times when it really doesn’t. Or, maybe I’m just not a poop joke kind of person, I don’t know. 

I guess this is pretty much what I have to say about the series! At times, Excuse me, dentist! needs a bit of cringing or looking the other way, but overall I find myself wanting to know what happens next, so that’s certainly a good sign. I went into reading it thinking it would be more of an ecchi, rather than a gag comedy so if you’re not fond of the ecchi genre, I can safely say that nothing is too in your face and may want to give it a chance. 

Thank you so much for reading, and next time I’ll be reviewing Candy Flurry by Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi. If you would like to collaborate with me and review a title yourself, don’t hesitate messaging me over Twitter. Until then, take care!

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