Hello, and welcome once again to my little corner, where I recommend yet another story of men falling in love. I started reading Truth or Dare after seeing it in the Wait Until Free section. Who would say no to free webtoons, right? Like most of you, there are series I keep up with just because, and there are others where I really enjoy reading and look forward to the next chapter. Truth or Dare fell into the latter category, plus, you know I can’t say no to pretty cover art so here I am writing about it. 

Title: Truth or Dare
Author & Artist: Youmy
Status: Complete, 60 chapters. 
Where to read: On Lezhin.

The story is set in a world where everything is the same as ours but one thing: here, people cannot lie. They are biologically incapable of lying, and society is found on this acceptance. And today is like any other day for Oh Saegye in his mundane high school life, exam period weighing on the students’ shoulders. Just about to leave school, he notices he left his cell phone in the classroom, and upon returning, he finds the class president Wee Jinsol standing there with Saegye’s phone in hand. He is surprised as to why Jinsol would go out of his way to wait for him, and a surprise less than pleasant awaits Saegye.

Although people firmly believe the inability of lying is a hard fact, the rumors of ‘dares’, the ones who can lie, existing floats around, and Jinsol confronts Saegye about cheating in today’s exam. Believed that he managed to hide being a dare, Saegye is frustrated that Jinsol was able to discover the facade too easily. To make matters more complicated, just 3 days after the confrontation, Jinsol confesses his feelings to Saegye, offers a deal to keep his mouth shut and grant something Saegye desires in return. 

I’m finished with 1/3 of the story and I have to say, it’s a joy to wait for a new episode every day! Starting from the appearances. While there are changes here and there, the majority of the series are in sepia hues and the no-brainer association to that is the feeling of looking at old photographs. Generally speaking, it’s a tone I personally don’t fancy. I have no clothing in earth tones, my furniture is mainly black/grey/dark blue. That sounds like my flat will give out the impression I’m doing witchcraft in secrecy, but I’d like to say the rest is pretty colorful. While I do have these negative feelings towards the color, I didn’t expect to love the monochromatic palette to this extent! Very easy on the eyes, and the character designs are exactly to my taste. The panels and symbolic usage of masks with faceless people enhance the suspense Truth or Dare is trying to convey.

Story-wise, this webtoon is an interesting take on the concept of lying and its consequences. Everyone speaking the truth and truth only, amongst other things, is an idea that makes sense or feels like it could solve our problems. But that’d probably happen only on paper. I already mentioned it in my Kiznaiver review on Wednesday, but the pleasure I get doubles if the narrative can put my brain on a leash and takes it out on a walk. While I still don’t know how the whole story will be wrapped up, I am hooked by what I’ve read so far! The main characters’ dynamics are a good mental exercise before anything else, but the two also make my heart skip a beat. The perfect combination, if I say so myself.

Hopefully, the post was as interesting as I found Truth or Dare to be, and you decide to give it a chance while it’s free. It is tagged as ‘intense’ on Lezhin, but I haven’t encountered anything that might be triggering. Since it’s an all-ages series, it’s probably safe to assume that it’ll stay that way. 

That’s all from me for today! Let me know your opinion on Truth or Dare if you give it a read, I’d love to hear what others think of it as I couldn’t find another person who reads the series on Twitter. Until then, thank you so much for reading my posts, and take care!

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