Hello peeps. I didn’t know what to review for today. There are a couple of stories I wanted to talk about but I felt like I needed to wait for a bit more progress. So I did a poll on Twitter. People were kind enough to put their votes in & two cents about it, so here I am, reviewing their pick! Sending my smooches to all of you who helped me, and a reminder that I’m always open to suggestions to review, be it about a specific work or a platform you want to know more about. Enjoy ~

Title: Mr. 100% Perfect!
Author & Artist: Hobaen
Status: Ongoing, 55 chapters. 
Where to read: On Tapas (in mature section).

Even though Woo-In doesn’t believe in first love, he’s still not immune to the charming customer of the coffee shop he works part-time. He’s not too bad himself, but Suk-Yun is truly attractive, funny, accomplished; perfect in every way. In fact, he’s so perfect that Woo-In is suspicious that his partner’s true intent might be getting him to join a cult or a pyramid scheme. Days go by, Woo-In chooses happiness over trivial suspicions, and their relationship is quite smooth-sailing. Well, except for one thing: Suk-Yun has a smartwatch. 

That might look like a weird ‘but’ to his perfection, but Suk-Yun’s time is divided and managed down till its seconds. It doesn’t matter if they are having a relaxing dinner, watching a movie, or in the middle of getting chummy at Woo-In’s. When the alarm of the smartwatch goes off, Suk-Yun leaves for the next item on his agenda. Unable to tolerate anymore, Woo-In breaks up with him and quits the coffee shop, finding another job in a small cleaning service after six months. Of course, his first client has to be Suk-Yun. But what shocks Woo-In more is seeing his ex, the literal definition of clean-cut, now living in a very unkempt flat and in a rather miserable shape.

Mr. 100% Perfect! was a manhwa that I’ve seen floating around for a while now, and I’ve heard only good things about it. Tapas was holding a summer ink sale, and you know how reading something is 100% more fun if you have other people to gush about it. While my wallet cried in some corner when I unlocked 50+ chapters in a week, I personally regret nothing.

Because there’s a lot to love in this series! 

First of all, blue-collar/white-collar pairing is a trope I enjoy and particularly look for. Especially if the differences in work/living condition is kept in the dynamic, even if to a degree. The flow of the series is so smooth and has a very good balance overall. Be it the drama, the fluff, or the sex scenes, they all blend so seamlessly together. There weren’t any instances where I wanted to skip a certain development or arc. The more I read it, the more I’m convinced how good Mr. 100% Perfect would turn out as a K-drama. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised at how rattling the story and characterization were. 

I think it’s a first for me to see a character that constantly has purple-ish bags under their eyes, I love it.

I can go on and on about the notion of ‘ideal’, but to me, it has a lot to do with convenience. Especially in fictional romance, what the ‘ideal/perfect partner’ idea offers is essentially the effortlessness of it. Who wouldn’t want to find that special person they just… click? And on top of that, your partner will only have redeeming characteristics that not only you, but everyone else approves and is jealous of too. Everything about you two falling into their places like puzzle pieces, no shortcomings to fight over or get used to, no need to put effort into smoothing things out or keep the relationship going, just enjoying the pure goodness. Sounds phenomenal, except, this is not exactly a relationship. And that’s why it works in fiction. 

Hobaen opens the series up with this idea of perfection and how it can weigh on one’s shoulders, whether you’re the person who created such expectations and forced yourself to abide by them or has to meet others’. This theme carries onto the second couple as well, in a slightly different context. Without spoiling anything, I can safely say that the series has a good balance in keeping the ideas presented grounded, but not too heavy that it could be considered as melodramatic. It has an even mixture of real and wish fulfillment. 

Look at my precious!! ball of!! sunshine!! who deserves the world!!

To conclude, Mr 100% Perfect is a manhwa I happily binged in a really short time. It’s sweet, bitter, fun, and the art style is so captivating! I always loved intense blushes, but finally came to embrace the part of me that lives for them. It’s a highly recommended read, and hopefully, you’ll give it a chance. 

What do you think is the most essential aspect of a relationship? Why is it hard to find a balance between your expectations of your partner and accepting what they can provide? Let me know in the comments, otherwise, see you next week!

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