Hello! Hopefully, everyone is feeling at least alright and is ready to hustle for another week. I’m personally on a quest. I’ve always said I love mecha, and I feel like I honestly do. I find mechatronics fascinating in real life as well, and I’m also intrigued by the beautiful mecha & machinery designs in anime which are at the intersection of fiction and technology of the time they are serialized. But for someone who says they love the genre, I sure haven’t watched a lot of mecha series. So I’m fixing this, and I’ll be watching anime that pique my interest under the ‘Robot’ tag on Anilist. I’ll be pretty much diving head-on without prior info.

But I have trouble with consistency, so instead of live-tweeting my reactions or jokes, I decided to keep a watchalog. I’ll be putting up a post every 3 episodes on Saturdays and as you can see from how I go about it, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll try not to make it into something big with a string of coherent paragraphs, specific format, or length so I won’t stall and focus on having fun instead. It’ll be a collection of my usual dumb jokes, pretty screenshots/gifs, uneducated hot takes, what I pick up, or what resonates with me. As I type this, I’ve finished the first episode and can’t wait for the rest!!

As I’m watching Argento Soma, I might be doing ignorant overgeneralizations or misclassifications so hopefully, you’ll correct me in the comments or share your thoughts on the details that I haven’t mentioned & I’m missing out.

With that, Iā€™m out and see you next week with my usual schedule and first watchalog!


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