Hello dear blogosphere. Wishing everyone a great week ahead! There’s a month or two left for this season to end. While I was a bit “Eh…” when we started, gems like Blue Period and Ousama Ranking have appeared and brightened my life! Okay, maybe not so much since every time there’s a new episode of Ousama Ranking I’m thinking it’ll be a cute one and I should watch it while having breakfast, only to be once again thrown into an emotional whirlwind. Crying into your toasted bread is not the best way to start your day, I tell you. But of course, I’m here to talk about Tricornered, so let me put on my pink glasses real quick and we shall dive in.

Me, finding crumbs to enjoy in this near-dumpster-fire of an adaptation

What happened in this episode, you asked? A lot and not much at the same time. Team Erika/Sakaki and Team Mikado/Hiyakawa merged into one, and with the help of Mukae, the plan is to sneak into this sensei’s house everyone has trouble remembering and trying to find something that could be used against him. Things, as always, don’t go according to keikaku; sensing that something’s ‘off’ in that house, he and Hiyakawa immediately retreat. I think it was pretty on-the-nose that this sensei was Mikado’s dad, so in the second half, we get more insight on why exactly he turned to the dark side. Yepp, it was obsession all along! Sounds similar? Yeah, we welcome one more member to the douche bag squad who never learned how to properly love another person.

When I tell you I could open a “no context tricornered” account and would never fall short of content…
Hiyakawa’s destined #2!

I don’t think I have much to say about the Hiyakawa/Mikado spiritual break-in aside from I was happy we saw more of Mukae. Glad he was roped into helping. Mikado is still as caring as ever, worrying about something might trigger Hiyakawa as the house is built over the land where the Palm of the Hand RS was built on. I didn’t think we’d see Hiyakawa break down, of course, but hearing his response “I won’t “remember”. I never forgot.” got me juuuust a tiny bit emotional. A tiny bit. Oh, man… Guess I’m with Mikado on being emotionally weak. But it’s all good. Similar to Mukae’s effort to communicate, Mikado’s compassion is what makes the outcome of their spiritual abilities a positive/constructive one. This and Hiyakawa’s reaction to money were the highlights of this half! 

One thing I didn’t expect with Mikado’s father was that he’d overwrite his own memories as well. I thought that only worked on others, but now we see that he resents Mikado for ‘stealing’ his wife’s undivided attention on him. I don’t fully understand it yet as to whether he has to curse others to protect himself because the negative emotions and bottling up is too much to bear, or there’s a different underlying reason as to why he continues on mingling with the research society. Still, I thought that him having lapses whenever he’s reminded of the past and resetting at the point where he was left was an interesting touch.

The episode wraps up with Erika and Sasaki trying to steal the accounting books of the research society on Hanzawa’s request, and getting caught by Erika’s mother first, and Mikado’s father second. Next episode on The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window we have:

Cursed Special!

This was all I wanted to say about this episode. Are you still keeping up with the series? Trying to find that 1 (one) reason to continue holding onto it? Let me tell you how it’s going in the comments! Before I wrap up, I wanted to mention that I opened up a Curious Cat account where you can ask me questions anonymously and unless it’s something really personal or feet pics, I’ll do my best to help. The link’s also on my Carrd, where you can access by clicking on the image at the bottom of my posts. I’m an awkward person myself and most of the time I refrain from commenting on others’ posts or reach out over Twitter, so I thought anonymity might ease things out. I wish Monday goes easy on you, and the rest of the week just fly by without anything major happening to you. Take care!

*red flag*

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