Welcome to my final review of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window! Did you notice my header? It’s easy to tell it wasn’t drawn by Yamashita Tomoko herself, right? Because it was a celebratory illustration done by Dayoo, another BL artist you may know from Young Bad Education or Lonely Playground! There are a couple of other illustrations shared on the series’ official Twitter account, I’ll make sure to add them after the screenshots!

Edit: I just came across this fresh-out-of-the-oven interview with Yamashita Tomoko on Tricornered by ANN. Thought it might be of interest, and wanted to add it here.

But first things first, my thoughts. Since this is the point where we tie all the loose ends together and put a pretty ribbon on the series, I’ll only make occasional comments about this or that and maybe say a few things about the whole season.

Many of the details in this episode weren’t surprising. Yes, we knew Hiyakawa would be healed by Mikado and we’d get to see the whole group getting along. I knew what was coming, but man, I didn’t think I’d get this emotional during the scene where the child Hiyakawa was finally verbalizing the fear he felt, in front of the last person he’d want to pour his true self out. Wataru Hatano, the VA of Hiyakawa, did a marvelous job and when his voice shook in despair as the adult Hiyakawa, for a second, I forgot about his past behavior and felt a deep compassion for Hiyakawa. I also found it a nice touch that he sounded more child-like after being freed from the hatred he’s been holding on to, and looked like he was in a daze like a kid who just woke up from a dream.

Mayhaps I shed a tear… or two…

And Mikado… My baby… The sweetest cinnamon roll… The dearest… How does he always find the most comforting words to say? And in such dire times, no less? My vocabulary boils itself down to “love” or “enjoy”, so I’m just going to say… I loved the way he reassured Hiyakawa in a very Mikado way; without restraining, polite and understanding, validating, and healing, but still standing strong. And of course, making sure Hiyakawa knows that there might still come a time where they may need to part ways.

I needed to bask in that atmosphere a couple of moments more but Mikado said “Welp, we done here, move along, nothing to seel!”

Looking back at the series as a whole; I already said what came to mind about the technical aspects of the production and how, in my opinion, this work deserved more care and thought put into it. I won’t repeat them all here once again. And I probably wouldn’t stick around this long if it wasn’t for the creator behind it or if Tricornered didn’t present interesting ideas, themes, or delightful interactions occasionally. In the end, I could hold onto these bits and it’s not like I watched the whole thing feeling zero attachment or emotions. While I can’t estimate how many people have actually stuck with the series until the end, I sincerely hope that the anime was able to garner interest towards the manga, and artist’s works as a whole.

It was a great joy to share my thoughts and “my guess is that”s. I did skip two episodes for personal reasons, but I’m glad I was able to finalize the weekly reviews. Many thanks to my Twitter friends too, for sharing their thoughts or responses to my reviews over there in the comments. If you have any suggestions on what I should review in the following season, please leave it in the comments and help a desperate Nora. Otherwise, thanks for accompanying me through the fall season and see you tomorrow!

Who am I to say no to adorable liddol Mikado!! Perfect way to end the series.
Kawachi Haruka, who’s best know for Natsuyuki Rendezvous.
Nemu Youko, another josei artist whom I met while I was searching for manga covers to post!
Konari Misato, who mainly draws josei/seinen and is someone I’m not familiar with.
Done by the director and character designer of the anime Yoshitaka Yasuda

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