Hello! After last week’s miss and my attempt at making amends with a Top 5 BL list that I’d like to see animated, I’m back with another recommendation! As you can see both from my Friday BL picks and seasonal watches, I’m currently more drawn to sweet series that’ll make me smile and feel giggly than stomping on my fragile, maiden feelings. No more stalling and taking up your precious time, here’s what I have in store for you to take a look at over the weekend. Enjoy ~

When your heart skips a beat seeing two character look longingly at each other after 2 years of isolation:

Title: The Neighbor I Desire
Author & Artist: Makoto
Status: Completed, 1 volume.
Where to read: On Futekiya!

Kominami, our 33-year old and tired nutritionist will not deny who he is and try to change, but he’s indeed been suffering due to some of his character traits. He’s not in the wrong for being caring or wanting to do his best for his partners. However, ask his best friend Yozo, and he’ll tell you that almost all of his partners have been using Kominami only to dump him whenever is convenient. Knowing his past records, he isn’t exactly thrilled when he hears Kominami gushing about his new, cute neighbor. 

Kids: What goes on in adults’ heads? Adults’ heads:

One night after leaving work, Kominami arrives at his apartment to see Mori, a college student, drenched from the rain and shivering in front of his own door. Forgotten keys are the culprit, and Kominami doesn’t have the heart to leave him like that. Being his busy-body, overbearing self, this is their first step towards sharing meals and getting to know each other. And of course, uncovering a secret or two. 

Can’t believe it’s been half a year since I’ve read The Neighbor I Desire, and it’s as cute as I remember it to be! Personally, sharing a meal with someone is an act that’s very dear to me, so reading manga with similar themes warms my heart. Makoto’s character designs that are beautiful and on the rounder side emphasize the charming and funny air the series has. 

Kominami is an adorable and amusing man whom you just want to be happy and safe! He’s very animated and I had a good laugh every time he was thrown from one emotion to the other, reacting with grand expressions. His friendship with Yozo is one we’d call ‘tough love’, where the two jab at each other or make fun of the other’s shortcomings in a loving and well-intended way. Mori is less of a fully-explored character for the most part than a young and good-looking kid who somehow has unfortunate things happen to him and is left to Kominami’s care. Still, when his circumstances are revealed, it’s easy to care for him as Kominami does and this single volume story is wrapped up tenderly.

I have to mention that, with the number of things I’ve read with my own two eyes, whenever I see a sneaky glance like the one above, I immediately think of the worst. Is Mori a stalker? Did he move next door with weird or harmful intentions? How long has he been keeping tabs on Kominami, if that’s what he’s been doing? His actions were quite suspicious, not just for me but even for Kominami’s best friend Yozo but the light tone of the series stayed that way until the end. So I wanted to reassure you that there isn’t anything creepy going on, in case you might want to avoid such stories. 

In the end, while The Neighbor I Desire may not stick out too much from the rest, it makes sure to leave you with warmer feelings. If you are looking for a BL series that revolves around food and well-being, in need of a short and cute getting-together that won’t take too much time and put a smile on your face, then I heartily suggest this series! 

Have you read this title or any other of Makoto’s works? Let me know what you thought of them if you did or whether you’d be interested in checking this one out. Otherwise, see you later next week!

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