Remember the IRL fujoshi friend I mentioned? It’s Just a Dream… Right? was a title recommended by her and I just found the time to sit down and read it yesterday. I was immediately hooked!! And thought to myself, why don’t I write about it while my memory’s fresh. So here I am with my first impressions because I could get to chapter 20, and it’s still ongoing. 

Juicy ~

Title: It’s Just a Dream… Right?
Author & Artist: White Eared
Status: Ongoing, 42 chapters. Mature only.
Where to read: On Tapas!

It’s not every day you find a job listing that looks like it’s tailored for you, but today’s Jungoh’s lucky day. It’s to be an assistant to a shaman but he doesn’t sweat the details. What’s more, he strangely feels drawn to this job. When he arrives at what seems like a private estate, he has his doubts but still goes in. The first person he comes across is the grandmother of the house and she seems to have approved of Jungoh. However Ibeom, the actual shaman Jungoh is supposed to assist, will be tricky to impress. 

Jungoh immediately passed the goodest boy test with this.

Up until today, Ibeom would run the business with his brother Ihyung and they were looking for someone to take over Ihyung’s duties. Ibeom is still not fond of Jungoh, yet he at least agrees for a paid trial run to see how Jungoh will fare. Ibeom’s first task is to enter the recurring nightmares of an office worker and as the assistant, Jungoh has to watch the timer. So when Ibeom sees Jungho calling his name and appear as a part of the dream, puzzled by how he managed to enter without using a link, things take an unexpected turn for the three. Will Jungoh manage to keep this well-paying and comfortable job? Or this blunder will be the very reason he’ll be fired on the spot?

Get those filthy roses and you prince charming smile out of Ibeom’s face, Jungoh!

I have the perfect analogy to describe this series. I’m afraid it might paint a negative picture, but I mean it as a good thing. It’s Just A Dream… Right? is a series like one of those 13-in-1 shower gels some men use. It’s a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, skin cleanser, emotional support, and confidant, all at the same time. 

Ibeom gets cursed early on. This malady causes his dreams to take an erotic turn and he has to relieve himself to tame this curse. He’s afraid the same thing might happen when he’s in a client’s dream, Jungoh accompanies him. But of course, they have to be a part of the dream so they take on certain roles; in one dream they are the teacher and the security guard, or in Jungoh’s dream they are in a historical setting where one is noble and the other is a eunuch. With the dreamscape changing, you don’t solely get, let’s say, an office setting as a backdrop but many instances where they get hot and heavy. These dreams both create a basis for change and keep things spicy and fresh at the same time. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet!

You never know until you try ~

Ibeom is our resident tsundere, which is a characteristic I’m a little eh… towards however he isn’t annoying and fits the narrative nicely. As for Jungoh, I seem to have a thing for usually laid back but feisty depending on the circumstance redheads (see: BiscoTaehyuk) so I welcomed him to the group with open arms.

It’s Just a Dream… Right? sports cute, rounded character designs and soft color palettes. Although the series incorporates fantastic elements, there aren’t any beasts or beings that are otherworldly as of now. Visually, there isn’t much to write home about, yet it maintains the quality throughout the series and is easy on the eyes. 

Overall, this is a fun little manhwa I didn’t I’d enjoy to this extent and I’m glad it was recommended to me. It has a good balance of sweet and spicy and while it may not knock your socks off, still provides a gentle ride and definitely makes you look forward to the next chapter. Which is always a good sign!

This is all I have to say about this title. I hope a nice, relaxing weekend is awaiting you. I have some adulting to do today and will start by having a minor existential crisis, followed by a one-hour pep talk to the mirror, and plan to reward myself with cake if I clear my to-do list today. Talk about being busy. Have a nice day and see you next week with more hot takes and cute dudes being yes homo!

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