Because they are just that cute. I welcome you to my haphazardly-put-together Valentine’s Day post! I had promised a friend over Twitter that I’d list my Top 5 GL manga/manhwa and I’ll get to that in the future but for now, I wanted to introduce 3 GL titles I’m keeping up with on Webtoon. I try to find titles that doesn’t need subscription or money to read but it’s not always easy to do. I also want to introduce a platform that you can check out for your Yuri needs at the end. Let’s get this GaLentine’s Day started ~

I’ll escort myself out after that pun, thank you.


Theodora has just moved to the city and is trying to adapt to her new school. Her parents aren’t there much for her due to their workload and Theodora tries to act nonchalant about it. When she has to shop for a backpack alone because her mom had to leave urgently for work, she comes across a family excitedly shopping for their daughter. She doesn’t understand why they make a fuss about it all, but the happy family image sticks with her. Surprisingly this girl, Isadora, turns out one of her classmates. With that, Theodora is set on becoming friends with her. However, she might want to brush up on her rusty befriending skills.

This cute slice-of-life comic that focuses on two girls’ coming of age has started rather recently so there isn’t a lot of development, however, I still wanted to add ISADORA to the list because of how soft it is! Plus, I adore the art style. Theodora reminded me of my cat; he was actually very sociable but didn’t know how to go about it so he’d smack the other cats in the neighborhood unexpectedly and make them angry instead. He got much better at it later on, and so will Theodora. I wish these two little girls a happy school life and growing up together.


Desperation can be deleterious because it may lead you to do things that you’d otherwise refrain from doing. That’s how Elise finds herself in this predicament. On a stormy night, she went into the mountains to summon Satan but what came out of the magic circle is a lesser demon Keres. And she’s adamant about not leaving Elise’s side until she grants her wish. Elise’s finally able to register the weight of her situation and her father being a priest, she doesn’t want to do anything with a demon, but Keres is granting that wish and getting her promotion. Period.

Look at Keres getting comfortable xD
Aaand, Elise too.

Summoning a demonic girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to ward off the loneliness? Sounds like something I would do! As always, I was drawn into this series because of the lovely art style and was on the hunt for a new GL title I could read. The End of Time is such a fun and sweet comic to read. Plus it’s short and won’t take up too much of your time. If you enjoy a dynamic where the characters constantly bicker and kind of dread standing next to each other but look adorable while doing all those, you’re at the right place.


Park Chanmi is what the kids would call a disaster gay. In her past life, she was in love with a woman, who unfortunately passed away tragically. Now that she has a second chance, Chanmi’s decided she’ll protect Hanbuol no matter what, but her being a freshman and Hanbuol a professor at the same university might make things a tad complicated. Chanmi’s constant frustration around Hanbuol, and Hanbuol’s cheekiness doesn’t help the situation either. 

My preferred method of flirting is also staring at the said person until they telepathically figure out my motives.
How to spot a disaster gay from their search history.

First of all, an adult cast! Yay! We have an age gap going on too, which is always a plus in my book. I am a bit behind on Unnie, I Like You! but from what I’ve read, although the series start on a tragic happening in the past, the tone is pretty light and occasionally comical throughout. If you’re looking for a GL in a university setting with yearning and frustration between its leads, then this series is for you.

Bonus, because I love you ☆

I wanted to mention this publisher because even though I thought I was doing alright when it comes to keeping track of publishers and their releases, I had only very recently came across Lilyka. My guess is that, similar to Juné, they are an imprint of E-manga that focuses on Yuri manga and game localization. I usually opt out for digital releases for money purposes nowadays so I don’t know about their prints, but they have a nice selection in their online store and you can download your purchases in many different file formats. Which is great, because while subscription-based platforms are a life saver, when a title is taken out of the library for whatever reason, it’s gone. It’s also preferable if you’re on the go and don’t have access to internet/don’t want to rely on your data. I set my eyes on a couple of titles there and hopefully it may be of interest to you, too.

Whew! Wishing all of you an enjoyable day wherever you are and whether you’re with your loved ones or by yourself. Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve read any of the titles I’ve mentioned, how’d you like them, or whether there’s something you’d recommend me to read. Let’s treat ourselves to something yummy and heartwarming today and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new manga cover!

Header source: Ohsawa Yayoi

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