I’m writing today’s review piece with rage. Yes, that’s right, rage. None of the recipes I’ve been trying nowadays go the way they are supposed to and my kitchen is constantly in a mess even though I keep cleaning it. I’ve been cooking for the past 20 years so I’d like to think I at least have the basics down, so of course, it’s the recipes’ fault. I’d like to conclude by saying that Instagram people should stop coming up with these half-a$$ed dishes. And, if you know any fool-proof recipes that contain mushrooms, I’d like to learn about them. I have a lot left.

Okay stopping with my rage-side-tracking and getting back to the very reason why I’m here, here’s what I thought about the series I watched last week!

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Episode 6

Since Erika was the first friend Akebi made, I thought there’d be more focus on her, or they’d spend more time together. Last week I remember asking what happened to her and the series didn’t make me wait for too long. Akebi is anxious about asking Erika to come over to her place over the weekend and thankfully, the fish exist and there’s a lake near Akebi’s house. Erika being interested in fishing completes the picture. They spend the whole Saturday together and it’s a comforting thing to watch. 

Before the rest, I need to get this off my chest: the library part where they have to make promises in near silence made my heart skip a beat. Such a simple gesture, yet how warm it looks. 

I don’t have much to add to this week’s episode. The girls are cute and the production is consistent and mouth-watering as always. Anime and manga are powerful mediums in many ways, but I occasionally find myself in awe of their strength in romanticizing the strangest things and I fall for them every time. I find myself wanting a yakuza husband so bad or using a very cool-looking weapon that can determine whether a person is a criminal or not in a dystopian world. Maybe I’m just an impressionable person, but it’s interesting nevertheless that I fail to recognize the weight of those wishes, even for a second. Luckily, the only thing Akebi’s Sailor Uniform makes me envious of is the cottage core life in the suburbs of Japan. Because gosh, the place Akebi lives looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. 

Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout Episode 5

We are on our way to the mission-based quest along with Schwartz, Jinguuji, and Tachibana to slay a living armor that strips people out of their belongings. Literally. And leave them naked, which must be pretty embarrassing to go through. They manage to find the said armor, but the conversation suddenly derails towards a topic more important: tastes.

When people say my taste in BL is basic, I take it personally.

Maybe Toudou from Jujutsu Kaisen had a point and your taste in how you’d like to see your partner is indeed important to get to know a person. The group must have sensed a similar urgency that they completely ignore the living armor that eats up whatever clothing or material you have on you and start discussing which is better: a bunny girl? Or a maid with a long skirt? Getting excited over the titular ‘boyfriend shirt’ is really something that only a high schooler would do? Or is it effective enough to have a grown man in its clutches? A heated debate that needs to be held, I say.

One of the skills Jinguuji was graced by the goddess with is to create a door to Tachibana’s flat in Japan because before they were isekai’d to this world, he said the only thing he wanted to do at the moment was to take Tachibana home safe and sound. They invite Schwartz to the flat as well, and as any observant person, he comments on how the room felt more like a man’s room and Tachibana breaks the news to him. Safe to say, an existential crisis awaits Schwartz. Fantasy Knockout continues to be entertaining and it’s one of the shows I look forward to during the week! 

My Dress-up Darling Episode 6

Marin is still bewitched by Gojo’s compliment, and hearing the word beautiful from him works like a magical key to the door that is Marin’s heart. It doesn’t take her long to figure out the nature of those emotions, and the series don’t forget to emphasize that she’s still her own person. Not only does Marin get a seat at the Gojo household’s dinner table and eat good food with them, but a cosplay goddess she’s been admiring also awaits her as a surprise.

Aah, yes. We have arrived at that point. I’d probably need more space to properly discuss what I consider to be fanservice and what are my thoughts on it but specifically for this episode, I find the fanservice to be clashing with what the series has going on. Contrary to episode 2 where Marin showed up at Gojo’s house out of the blue, which was laced with fanservice that was properly placed in the narrative, we get the walking-on-her-nekkid-after-shower trope. I guess it’s to give the upper hand to Inui so she can force Gojo into helping her cosplay but seriously… All it would take for Gojo to comply was to have Marin meet Inui and ask him to lend Inui a helping hand. Showering in a total stranger’s house already feels forced as it is, and the rest feels misplaced and weird. 

I couldn’t even get to talk about how awesome this magical girl anime tribute was!

The other reason why the blunder with Inui feels out of place is that the rest flows very naturally. If this show were to be an ecchi series where ‘happy coincidences’ pile up one after another, I wouldn’t mind. Because the dynamic between Gojo and Marin is a marvel, the difference in the amount of thought put behind the introduction of the two characters is more noticeable. I wouldn’t say this was a deal-breaker for me, I’ll definitely continue watching My Dress-up Darling because it shines the brightest when it focuses on Gojo and Marin. I was especially fond of Marin and her gushing about her budding feelings towards Gojo. I know how it feels girl, someone skilled doing their thing is when they look attractive the most!

Sabikui Bisco Episode 5

Our tag-team arrives at a town that looks desolate at first but is inhabited by kids with no adults in sight. They take Bisco and Milo hostage and soon we learn that the habitants are tricked by the Imahima army into thinking a disease they have is rusting and they have to pay a fortune to get their hands on medicine, hence adults leaving the area behind to find higher-paying jobs. Milo is quick to earn the kids’ trust by treating them while Bisco helps them fight against flying blowfish herds. We also find out that Pawoo is tailing the team, and has an interesting encounter of her own.

We gradually learn how the other regions fare and how great of an impact Imahama has on these settlements. I didn’t understand what the elderly couple Pawoo met was supposed to function as or what was the reason behind them killing people. Are they turning people into puppets so they won’t feel lonely? Is it a pass-time activity? The way they were dealt with was strange as well but apart from that, the Children’s Fortress was generally interesting. I don’t have anything to add to the rest, Bisco is still my favorite, and Milo’s compassion continues to charm other characters. Above all, it’s still interesting and fun!

Whenever a kid opens their mouth around me

Salaryman’s Club Episode 3

We’re at episode 3 and have already reached the training camp arc, unless it’s the most non-training-camp training camp ever. Why? Because the rest of the team kindly forces Shiratori into submitting a proposal Miyazumi mentioned in the last episode. No problems there aside from Shiratori not having an idea about a new product or what is even a proposal. So the team decides to solve this problem with the company’s credit card. They visit a factory the company works with and stay at a local inn while they are at it. The shenanigans, as always, ensue.

Why am I not convinced…

DAMN YOU ANIME! Overdoing it again with the romanticizing and making me want to be a salaryman in Japan, who plays badminton on the side! I even see some of my office worker Twitter friends joke about this episode felt like going to work for them. The training camp may not have included badminton as Shiratori preferred, but we still got fun time spent brainstorming with the whole team, some bonding time between Shiratori and Miyazumi in the hot spring, and drunken honesty as the cherry on top. You’ll get to see more juicy screenshots tomorrow ~

What else there is to say other than I’m in love. This series brings me so much joy. A big contributing factor to that, aside from the lovable cast, the series doesn’t dwell on drama unnecessarily. We’re all here to have a good time!

Two bros chilling in a hot tub not even a feet apart because they’re gay

Sasaki and Miyano Episode

In romance stories, ‘arcs’ we get in the shonen series are important events in a person’s life. Birthdays, Valentine’s or White Day, Christmas, and all that. Now it’s Sasaki’s birthday and on top of wrecking his brain to figure out whether he really likes Sasaki, Miyano has to come up with a gift. His classmates give him a simple idea, and even though the exams keep Sasaki and Miyano out of touch for a while, rainy weather is there as the perfect wingman. They end up walking back home together, and Miyano finally manages to bring himself to ask whether Sasaki liked another boy before and how exactly he came to like Miyano.

Ugh, the feminine urge to start every Sasaki and Miyano review with an AWWWWWW. Seriously, the cuteness is on a dangerous level. I guess I’d like to start by saying I understand how Miyano feels. Because when there’s something you are truly passionate about and do every single day but then a time comes where you can’t bring yourself to do it, you know something’s wrong. His feelings towards Sasaki are personal issues Miyano has to figure out on his own, still, his friends being goofballs around him probably eases his mind. What a bunch of lovely kids. 

I also wanted to add that Miyano hits a very fundamental point that I personally struggled with at times in the second half. Identities usually go together with a generally accepted image: lesbians look like this, men look like that, and such. And not fitting into these certain images you identify yourself with can make you question your identity or others’ sincerity when they approach you. Totally adored how the series managed to lay Miyano’s conceptions and anxiousness out without making a big deal out of it or overdramatizing. Perfect comfort series, if you ask me.

The umbrella tilt! I repeat!! The umbrella tilt!!!

I feel like I didn’t have much to say about this week’s episodes apart from “I enjoyed them” but where’s the lie. I enjoyed them. As always, I’d be happy to hear what you have thought about this series, whether anything rubbed you the wrong way or a detail that filled you with joy! Let me know in the comments and take great care of yourself, not much has left until the weekend ~

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