Hello everyone! Last year, I revisited one of my old posts on what we mean when we demand ‘strong female characters‘ but couldn’t write anything new this year. I still wanted to stop by and celebrate it with you. I’m sad that I’m not able to join the parade this year; not only it’s so festive and fun, but also with how things have been with pandemic and government making it a point to make its vulnerable citizens to feel desperate more than they ever do, it’s easy to feel alone, small, and given up. The Feminist Night Parade that’s been going on for the past 20 years have, and continue to, provide the sense of solidarity I need in my life. This was the last parade I was a part of. I already miss it…

Maybe only tangentially related but, I also wanted to share something that made me incredibly happy hearing the other day. It’s Megumi Ogata’s acceptance speech for the “Best Voice Actress” award, where they touch upon gender labels.

To be honest, I’m against dumping all the responsibility or the heavy burden on queer people as there can be many reasons why a person can’t raise their voice and speak up. But when they do, and when it especially comes from someone influential and well-known as Megumi Ogata, it means a lot and just warms my heart. They are honestly so cool!

I once again wish a happy March 8th to my blogger friends and readers alike, and may this year be one where we think more carefully about gender, inequality, our unconscious biases and be more open to learning. See you tomorrow!

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