Hello everyone. We’ve finally reached the inevitable that is the season finale. Almost all of the series are wrapping themselves up and a surge of new series await the community. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbyes to your favorite characters/stories.

Since these weekly digests are on time with three series, one week behind with 3, and on time with Salaryman’s Club which was a latecomer, I decided to switch things up a little. I’ll be wrapping up Sabikui Bisco and Fantasy Knockout today with the rest, end weekly digests today and merge my Salaryman’s Club reviews with the gallery posts. It’s not ideal to switch formats when we only have three episodes left, but it made more sense to group them instead of continuing the digests with only cute Badarymen inside.

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Episode

In hindsight, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform was consistent in its delivery, and the final episode was as straightforward and uneventful as the rest. Akebi didn’t promise plot twists or surprises anyway, and as I’ve pointed out before, I think that’s where the series’ charm lies. This episode was Akebi dancing and Erika accompanying her on the piano and violin, and the whole athletics festival is seen as fragments of memories when the camera pans on the friends Akebi had charmed ever since the school year started.

I don’t know why my writing sounds like I’m bored out of my mind, but honestly, I teared up a couple of times. There wasn’t even anything dramatic, I simply got emotional over girls wearing matching friendship bracelets or everyone supporting each other in their own, personal ways. CloverWorks made sure we didn’t forget how beautiful the scenery was throughout the season and we got to enjoy the vivid colors that were brimming with life to our heart’s content. I won’t argue with anyone who’d say that basically, nothing happens in Akebi’s Sailor Uniform because they’d be right. Even the uniform itself is just a plot tool to provide a gentle push but I feel like even without it, Akebi would stand out and make friends by just being herself anyway.

So what was the point, you ask? It’s just one of those ‘enjoy the ride’ type of series that you’ll either find yourself enjoying or asking why the hell you’ve been investing your time into. I think the girls deserve a chance!

Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout Episode

So, it was all about praise huh… Fantasy Knockout gives us an open-ended finale where Tachibana and Jinguuji set on their new journey now that they know the white mark they’ve seen the second they landed in this new world, was pointing to where the demon lord is. Sucks to be them, right? The final battle between Tachibana who’s succumbed to the negative thoughts she’s been bottling up about being inferior, and Jinguuji who’s lost his superhuman powers now that Tachibana is not with him. While the whole thing’s a demons vs. humans fight on the surface, it’s actually both of these lovable idiots finally openly talking about what they feel about each other.

Couldn’t ask for more, to be honest. I got the flashbacks I asked for (although some were bitter), we finally learned what Jinguuji wrote in his elementary school book and how his answer was influenced by Tachibana. Jinguuji showered Tachibana with a three-minute-long praise waterfall. Frankly, some of them didn’t sound like praise much and he crowned all of that with an “I rate you higher than an average person,” but it was enough to frustrate Tachibana and show her that he’s been paying attention to his best friend all these years; that’s all I needed. She was finally charmed by Jinguuji, officially!

I’ve seen people commenting under the episodes that they don’t find this show funny, which I can understand. And without the fun, I think it’d be hard to go through the season. I personally did find it funny but in a “This is probably not everyone’s cup of tea,” way. All in all, I do hope we get the continuation the episode hinted at the end!

Find you a ma- actually, no… Nevermind…

My Dress-up Darling Episode

My notes are fine up until the point Marin shows up in her black yukata with a gray floral pattern and a mulberry-ish obi, and the last thing I seem to take note of is how gorgeous she looks and that’s basically it. She’s that powerful, you guys. 

Considering how high-energy the previous 11 episodes were, the end note as a whole was very quiet, simple, and could even be considered anti-climactic. There seems to be a shift from grand gestures to intimate and personal moments/confessions in romance genre in general, and I personally like it. Hence, Marin and Gojo being themselves where Marin usually does the talking, and Gojo pitches in whenever he feels like, accompanying Marin otherwise fits the casual atmosphere between the two My Dress-up Darling has been trying to convey. The fireworks and the camera work were simply breathtaking! Now I guess we wait for volumes to accumulate for a new season ~

Sabikui Bisco Episode

Regarding the last two episodes, I feel torn. On one hand, I feel like the story was wrapped up haphazardly and a lot of things that happened were too convenient. I know I know, I nagged you about how I wanted Bisco back yet I was still surprised that he emerged from Tetsujin like a bunny girl out of a birthday cake. Or what was that kiss between Pawoo and Bisco about? Where did those native folk who were speaking a different language go? Why did Rust Eater grow out when mixed with Bisco’s blood and not Kurokawa’s? So many questions and no answers.

On the other hand, I’m happy that he is back, I missed his annoying ass a lot, I also missed seeing the two together. And Tetsujin/Kurokawa looked so damn cool that I didn’t mind what exactly was going on narrative-wise. You see, you can throw in some shiny object or a couple of explosions and I’m already distracted. The series ended on a funny note with Bisco and Milo tricking the people at the Gunma gate once again, which was a returning point a couple of times throughout the season.

Salaryman’s Club Episode

Both Miyazumi and Shiratori face these incoming waves of trouble in their own ways. Shiratori is consulting her teammates and the coach about Miyazumi’s injury or his ex-partner, Izumo, all the while trying to come to terms with the outcome of him going back to singles. Miyazumi on the other hand meets Izumofor some closure and answers to his current predicament. A surprise from the past awaits Shiratori at his mother’s place. 

We are used to developments where one character thinks the situation they are in damages the relationship they are a part of and takes it upon themselves to stop engaging with it, concealing their feelings. While this was pretty much the case with Miyazumi’s injury and promotion, I was both surprised and relieved to hear him openly voice that he wants to continue despite everything. What he’s looking for is the tiniest encouragement from Izumo, whom Miyazumi thinks their partnership was damaged because of him. Izumo doesn’t go easy on him, but eventually, with Shiratori finally remembering his past with Miyazumi, everything’s back on track. 

It was a brilliant touch that Sunrise’s coach had advised Miyazumi to visit his junior, another coach, and a para-athlete Nakamori. Can Salaryman’s Club stop shoving good-looking older men down my throat, please??? I am a fragile woman!! Anyways, he helps our duo to come up with a new play style where Miyazumi won’t put further pressure on his injured knee or heavily rely on his other leg and possibly hurt that one in the process as well. And just like that, S/J League they’ve been meaning to make a comeback finally arrives. Miyazumi fumbling his speech on television was probably a bad omen, as more trouble await him in the workplace. That’s for us to find out next week!

Oh my god STAHP!!
Someone please confirm that I’m not delusional and this really looks & sounds like a proposal.
You have to be insanely cute like him, too!
Back to being a hot mess, that’s what we love to see.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode

A deserving ending to such a lovely series! Sasaki and Miyano has always been good at setting up the atmosphere and leading the audience, and the finale was no exception. The lush purples & oranges of the afternoon where Sasaki has become a part of the scenery were lovely. Considering he was beating himself over for his conflicting feelings and he left Miyano’s side hurriedly, the atmosphere is supposed to be gloomy or tense. However, the series doesn’t let the mood sink and soothe it instead with warm colors and sweet tunes in the background, signaling what we’ve been waiting for will soon happen. Just like me with Bisco, even though Sasaki got the answer he’s been expecting for so long, it was so cute that he didn’t know what to do with himself after getting it.

Then, of course, came the realization. It made me incredibly happy that the confession got the space, time, and attention it deserved. The serene air that surrounds the two, Miyano’s lips parting at the touch of Sasaki and Miyano reciprocating the touch so naturally, you bet I punched the throw pillows on my couch out of frustration. The series doesn’t break its tradition of weaving funny moments into romantic scenes and as an avid BL fan, Miyano knows how dreadful cliffhangers can get. So he steps up to make things official. We did get confirmation on the second season so we were bound to see them dating, but what a thoughtful boy. Forever your fan, Miyano!

Took an embarrassing amount of chibi screenshots, they are all SO cute!
Loved how Kuresawa got permission before breaking the dating news, so caring!

Another season went by in the blink of an eye! It was a pleasure to share my thoughts or lame jokes with you, and hopefully, it was fun to read them. It was my first time reviewing so many series under one post, and it was an interesting format to try out.

When things start taking a more concrete shape I’ll write an update post but as things are, I don’t think I can manage to do any seasonal reviews next season. I might try to find a way that’ll allow me to relax or take my time but cannot make any promises for now. If you have any formats that are more lax than weekly reviews, please share it with me in the comments. My writing will become more erratic as we progress into April due to certain adult stuff I have to take care of (all good things tho!). So, thanks for sticking with me this season as well and see you soon!

If it’s your first time visiting my blog, you can click on the image below to find ways on how to connect with me ~


  1. My Dress Up Darling and Sasaki to Miyano… These two were the shows that lighten up my world this season. I just love seeing fluffy teen romance and characters that i enjoy being sappy for each other 🤧  Announcement for Sasaki and Miyano makes me so happy and i am hoping same for my Dress Up Darling too. Soon. Please.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You KNOW it!! These two literally carried me on their backs, really enjoyed being a part of their journey 🥺

      We need that greenlight for MDUD as well, I don’t know how many volumes are out in Japan but our lives depend on it 😩

      Liked by 1 person

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