Remember to brush your teeth after reading the post! Hello friends. Since today’s April 1st, and as you know that I’m the funniest person on this blog (lol), I wanted to review Cat Boys! for you. Although technically a BL, it’s just three best friends with boyfriends (or not-yet-boyfriends) being their chaotic selves throughout a volume.

However, as I was rewatching some of my favorite Sasaki and Miyano scenes last night, I felt the need of some sweet BLs to get me through the week. And I thought maybe you might need some replacement as well since the season just ended. So here are three titles that I’m currently keeping up with or have read, enjoy ~

We’re doing some deep introspection today.


Pio is working at a local restaurant as one of the cooks, and both he and his cat are well-loved by everyone around him. When Aurora, the flower shop’s owner, is hospitalized, her grandson Hadrian takes over the store temporarily. Although Pio feels like he trips over his words around Hadrian at first due to being anxious, it still seems like they make gradual progress into being friends!

Did I mention how cute this series is? Then now’s the time. Those pretty pastel tones and round faces already give away the overall tone of The Flower Pot, and the chapters just flew by without me noticing. Don’t let the chapter count scare you; this webtoon is closer to the comic style with one chapter divided into around 10 ‘pages’, so they are very short and easy to get through. Totally recommended for a light, afternoon reading!

Where to read: Webtoon // Tapas


The coffee shop that’s close to the university Allen’s attending is crowded as always. One might find it annoying or bothersome because it’s impossible to find yourself a table or it’s too noisy to read, but when Raaj approaches Allen’s table to ask if it’s possible to share the table, the bustle is suddenly not that annoying anymore.

I actually recommended this series before on Twitter when I was compiling a list of free-to-read series I enjoyed but who’s gonna stop me from mentioning it on my blog! The update I read this morning made me feel all kinds of fuzzy inside. This inclusive comic will casually make its way into your heart with its adorable characters and vibrant colors and claim its rightful place. I especially recommend this series to people who prefer the focus to be on the relationship instead of will they/won’t they.

Where to read: Webtoon // Tapas

Allen says Raaj is sparkling but do you even look into the mirror? Gorgeous!


Nanami has had enough of Godai. Every damn day he’s out there, challenging Nanami for various things even though he keeps losing. That’s why when his same-age archnemesis challenges him in swimming, he can’t bring himself to say no even though he can’t. Godai immediately apologizes for taking advantage of his weakness knowing full well he couldn’t, with the help of his classmates he comes up with a contest they can compete against on equal footing:

Totally legit, right?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that this is the ridiculousness I gladly sign myself up for! Nanami and Godai don’t even have half a brain cell and all they do throughout the series is to catch stupid ideas from girls talking about sex and put them into action in the weirdest ways. I love them for that. Maybe it’s Courtship is a hilarious title for sure, but I couldn’t help myself constantly fawning over these dorks as well. Highly suggested as a pick-me-up manga to lift your spirits!

Where to read: Futekiya

Introverts’ way of flirting.

Hope you enjoyed my selection! Let me know what you think if you’ve read any of these titles, any BL’s you’d recommend to fight the blues until we get the second season of Sasaki and Miyano or what kind of answer you came up with when you asked yourself whether you were a pervert or not. Until then, take care!

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