Things aren’t looking bright for the SunBev team. Right before their match, Miyazumi is called into the office for an act of violence against an important client. Shota brothers and Usuyama are the ones who’ll compete before Shiratori and Miyazumi, and the coach decides that Takeda should replace Miyazumi if push comes to shove. After finding out what truly happened that night from Yata, Shiratori crashes the hearing. Will he be able to save his partner from the tough predicament he found himself in?

It was obvious that this whole thing was staged from how the vice president has been trying to dissolve the team for the past couple of episodes, as he saw the team as a dead weight on the company’s finances. Still, how dare they try to frame my favorite child-adult?? One look at that face and you’ll know that yes, he might not be the brightest tool in the shed but he surely won’t hurt a fly. Yata explains that Miyazumi was helping her when the said client drunkenly harassed her and although he tripped over his own foot, both the vice president and the client were ready to use it against Miyazumi. When Shiratori crashed into the meeting, Miyazumi was rightfully scared since my boy is truly a wild card. Well, at least he’s sober so no grilled green onion throwing towards superiors this time. Instead, he proves that the casts Tokui is wearing are for show and claims his partner back. Ha! Take that, corporate system!

Miyazumi: is about to get fired for something he didn’t do
Shiratori: C’mon now, is it me or your job! 😡

Since I knew this hearing would play out like this and there were no naked executives around this time, the real highlight of this episode was the first official Saeki brothers match. The way I held my breath throughout their game! And the tactic they used against Unisics’ strongest pair wasn’t even some crazy talent they’ve been hiding all this time. Instead, it’s a blunder on Touya’s side that just keeps happening, the shuttle he hits unmistakenly finds its way onto the big brother’s head.

Morgan Freeman narration voice: They, in fact, aren’t.

The Saeki brothers turn the game around with their unusual play, however, Touya is slowly using steam. It was an emotional touch (I get emotional easily, okay??) that Souta’s experience and stamina from competing in singles come in handy. He handles the heavy work and gets the best gift in return: his little brother’s warm smile and praise. Unfortunately for Unisics’ Hayato, the brother bonding triggers some of his own, not-so-fond memories with his little brother and the badminton past they shared. Which, as you may guess, becomes his downfall and SunBev takes the first game. Usuyama crushes Ayato in the second game, hence there’s no need for Shiratori and Miyazumi to compete. But I need to see how Usuyama beat that beast!! I bet it was an amazing match but we only got to see the result.

Overall, Salaryman’s Club continues to be charming and definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the sports series with its cast and company setting even though in terms of plot structure and tropes, it’s 100% by the book. What did you think of this episode? Were you feeling dejected as I was when the suits on the middle-aged executive weren’t blown off during the meeting? Let me know in the comments and see you tomorrow for the Friday BL!

The things brotherly competition can do to you…
He literally obliterated Ayato, how??!!

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