Greetings everyone! Hope you’re all fine and dandy, and ready for some fun. Today’s title instantly become a recent favorite and I’ll ask you to not judge it by the title. Sure, you might not know what to expect from a series called Glasses Cloth and Playlist, but I hope you’ll hear me out and let me try to convince you that this is a gem.

Another thing. When I first decided to review BL regularly on Fridays, I wanted to come up with a clever name for it. There was one idea that I really liked, I wanted to call these reviews “Thirdwheeling with Style” because I feel like I’m forever the third wheel to these love birds. But it was too long, so I scrapped the idea and gave up on trying to be witty about it. Hence, from now on I’ll go with Friday BL. Basic as it is, it’ll be easier to categorize & tag them. Announcement: over!

Don’t be fooled by the cute faces, you guys.

Title: Glasses Cloth and Playlist
Author & Artist: Gwak Jong-pil
Status: Completed, 12 chapters.
Where to read: On Pocket Comics or Copin Comics.

The office environment can feel like a simulation of Hell on Earth for several reasons. A variety of people you have to get along with to a certain degree and have to see their faces every day throughout the week. Worse, there could be that one person who’s your archenemy, you compete with to no end, and gets on your nerves just by breathing and existing. My condolences to Bada and Seomin because they are exactly that. These two new hires start working at the same time and continue this petty rivalry for a year, and things take a worse turn when the head manager is promoted and announces that she’s going to pick someone from the team as a replacement.

Do you think they produce enough energy that could charge my phone?

Still, a promotion is worth celebrating and it’s drinking time. However, Bada and Seomin are so dead set on one-upping each other that the rest of the team leave their drunken asses in the break room and wrap the celebration up. When the two come to their senses on the break room couch, Bada decides to take the cat out of the bag: All things aside, they are kind of attracted to each other, Seomin is gay, and they were about to “go at it”, no? Luck’s on his side because this situation is number 3 on Seomin’s fantasies. Sexual tension: resolved!

Seomin’s pride won’t let him have it, though.

Pocket Comics recently launched their Adult section exclusive to their website and that’s how I came across this funny, cute, steamy enemies-to-lovers office romance. What captured my attention was that it was rather short and complete, plus the art style was very much to my taste. I couldn’t see any tags on the series’ page, so I wanted to let you know that the characters practice safe and consensual sex, however, there’s a mention of past cheating. Recently, I’ve come to notice how big of a turn-off cheating is. While I’m quite surprised how fictional cheating can evoke such strong emotions, I’m throwing it in there to be safe. 

It might be evident even from the couple of screenshots I shared with you but this series is so funny! Since the enemy part of enemies-to-lovers doesn’t rely on abuse of some kind but on them being petty for ridiculous reasons and refusing to give up the rivalry that the situation gives way to meme-able facial expressions or amusing situations. What Seomin and Bada have going on between each other on the surface are jabs that they think are clever, but the comebacks are actually on elementary-school level. Even the sign on the break room knows it.

This warning changes depending on the situation, one of the highlights in the series for me!

Scrape that surface a little and you’ll find great chemistry, balance, and high sexual compatibility. Now that they have decharged and spent some time out of the office, they frequently go out to eat or drink, getting to know more about each others’ personal lives. The series doesn’t spend too much time on prolonged denial and while there are small hiccups on the quest to unlock the ‘lovers’ part of the trope, they are dealt with level-headedly so that Bada and Seomin can return to being petty, but this time, affectionately.

Glasses Cloth and Playlist was a title I read with great joy and laughter. It’s very casual and not dramatic in its storytelling and it was something I definitely needed as some of the ongoing series I’m keeping up with are all in angsty stages. The artist has two other BL works and hopefully they’ll get licensed in English as well. The first three chapters of this series can be read for free, and the rest needs to be unlocked with coins. You can purchase them, of course, but if you’re trying to be frugal and manage your expenses as I do, Pocket Comics gives one free coin every day. It’s possible to read the whole series for free with a bit of waiting. I don’t have a Copin Comics membership so I don’ know how they operate or what they offer but if you do, let me and the other readers know in the comments!

This is all I have for you for this week! I might or might not take the next Friday off depending on how things will go, I’ll make sure to let you know if I can’t make it. Have a nice weekend, and see you soon!

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