Greetings! An explanation is due since this is my first time writing a news post. As you may or may not know, I use both my Twitter account and blog for writing. Since these platforms allow different ways of communication, I keep my short reviews and BL release news or sales to Twitter. The platform speeds up the sharing and interaction process, but I also have a separate set of people whom I interact with, so I wanted to help promote futekiya‘s new releases on my blog as well since they are the main source of my manga intake and I really enjoy their service and appreciate the effort they put into bringing a wide variety of titles to the English-speaking fandom. Full disclosure; this is only them e-mailing me their press release and me sharing those details with you.

The new titles that futekiya will introduce from Shonengahosha are as follows. Their English titles and release dates are to be announced.

  • Ore Tachi no Hanashi wo Shiyou by Samba Maekawa
  • Boss to Yasu by Sainosuke
  • Koi wo Shiru niha Mada Aoi [Tankoubonban] by Ryo Ito
  • Gnossiennes -Seinen Tachi wa Yuukaku de Koi wo Siru- [Gassatsuban] by Makuya
  • Suki ni Natta Hito ga Barineko de Shita- [Gassatsuban] by Haine
  • Kouda-san! Uchi Kimashou! -Nigerare Otoko to Batsuichi Otoko- [Gassatsuban] by Taguru Nakamaru
  • Yuusha-sama no Are ga Cheatkyuu Sugite Komattemasu by Merino
  • Koi ni Kizuita Sono Hi kara [Gassatsuban] by Ryo Ito
  • Aseta Tsuki to Amai Kiba by salty
  • Kyou mo Futago ni Semararete masu by Kanna Aizumi

This is not only futekiya‘s first time to release any title from Shonengahosha and their BL magazine mystick, but also these artists will be making their futekiya debut save for Samba Maekawa, or will even be their work’s first release in English such as Sainosuke.

About futekiya: Read what you love

futekiya is an online, monthly subscription service that provides officially licensed BL with a flat rate. They have a wide variety of genres to choose from and the library isn’t limited to commercial BL, but extends to doujinshi and novels as well. For more information and to check out their library where all the first chapter are free to read, you can head over to their website.

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