Everyone has at least a handful of these characters. You know, the ones with questionable morals who’ve done questionable things, and admitting you like them on your Twitter will get you shit on because we’ve reached that point where, for some reason, liking a character = condoning the things they do in a real-life setting. But where’s the fun in being a part of fandom if you’re not gonna piss off at least a couple of people by liking the “problematic” character or shipping the “problematic” pairs!

So, why not celebrate this awful bunch? I compiled a short list of characters I like for different reasons. Some are quite interesting and are written compellingly, while others are smoking hot and I would marry them in a heartbeat if I could. Who cares if they killed an entire army or drove a whole village to suicide by psychologically manipulating people around them, right? Some of us’ type are fictional mass murderers and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hope you enjoy my selection, and please comment with your problematic fave if they weren’t included in my list already.

We’ll get to the underappreciated gems of fiction later.

Isabella – Promised Neverland

One of the most compellingly written characters on this list. Having a screwed-up notion of love seems to be required in order to be a Mama in these fields and Isabella takes the crown. Sister Krone was a great character as well, too bad we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her. I’ve started reading the manga, albeit slowly since it’s currently being released here, but I think I’ve fallen for Isabella even deeper. 13/10 would strive for perfection at the farm if she were the one who’d end up eating me. Heh.

Adam – Sk8 Infinity

Yes, his obsession with Langa would be creepy IRL but have you seen his… legs in his skin-tight suit??? My mans know how to rock them! I actually like his backstory with those buy-one-get-two-free pack of aunts, and it was nice to watch him walk toward a healthier direction in what it means to love other people. 0/10 would compete with him, I don’t do well with stuff that has wheels. However, I’m 12/10 ready to tackle him by going down the “I can fix him,” route old romance movies usually go.
This outfit was a cultural reset.

Daki – Demon Slayer

Her character design was my favorite among the demons right after Douma. I wouldn’t expect less from ufotable, but still happy that she looked stunning on screen. Her dependence on her brother and her tongue sharpened out of fear are what make Daki an interesting character to watch. Daki’s demon outfit design is a perfect case of “Feminist brain cell says no, lesbian brain cell says hello,” however, we at least get to know her and learn about motives beyond her body or beauty so I’ll take it. I wouldn’t want to work for her, but 15/10 would pay for her services as the oiran and probably end up dead.

Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter

As I’m writing this post, I’m at the 34th episode of the 2011-released Hunter x Hunter, so there’s a lot I still don’t know about Hisoka. Why’s he considered one of the most problematic among the villains? Is it because he’s an adult who’s beefing with literal kids? That’s almost every shounen villain out there, though. Anyways, he’s made of glitter, has the most rad fashion sense, and gotta love that creepy smile he occasionally shoots at Gon. 14/10 would go shopping with him so he can renovate my wardrobe and maybe challenge the strongest hunters to a duel on the way back with bubble tea in our hands. (Edit: I’m currently at episode 89 and I see where people come from, although I still think the hate is unfounded. The more I make progress, the more I love Hisoka as a character!)

I love his original design as well, but wouldn’t miss the chance to add Sui Ishida‘s version.

Garo – One Punch Man

And a round of applause for the reason I made this list. In recent years, I learned how to appreciate a himbo and Garo is one of the finest examples. My guy just wants to do good and cheer for the side he supports. He wants diversity, so to speak. What a coincidence, I do too! I would like to further discuss our preferences over a beer or beating a couple of high-class heroes with me cheering on the side. Wow, this actually sounds really exciting. 18/10 would seek out heroes myself for him to fight and totally WON’T leer at his body when that thin, black turtleneck gets ripped in the process. You know I don’t stoop THAT low, right?

What do you think about the characters I’ve chosen? Do you have any characters you love that are morally bankrupt but you just can’t get enough of them? Please add yours in the comments and see you around!

P.S.: I wanted to add before publishing this post that I can only find very little time to be in front of my computer and apart from a short Friday BL, I’ll be taking a break this week. Can’t even keep up with new episodes in this season and can’t spend time on WordPress and read what you’ve been writing. Yesterday was my blog’s 7th birthday and although it was an on & off kind of journey, still wanted to thank you for understanding and giving my posts a read!

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  1. Onizuka from GTO fits this category perfectly…he’s a sleaze who actually has a moral centre and turns out to be a very good teacher…happy blog birthday to you! 🎉

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