Hey everyone! Today is my going feral day apparently. Yesterday it was announced that Kaiju No.8 is getting an anime adaptation and my brain experienced a meltdown. I still haven’t recovered. Still haven’t calmed down. Here’s the promotional video.

I’ve been keeping up with the manga ever since its release and I’ve also written an early review for it. I mentioned in the post that it’d be amazing if Kaiju No.8 were to get a decent anime adaptation and it would certainly be the next big shōnen title. Popularity-wise, it seemed like it was doing great, always being in the top 10 of Manga Plus‘ rankings. I’m still captivated by the story and its characters, and can’t believe it’ll be Toho Animation that will handle the adaptation.

Tl;dr of all this is that Kaiju No.8 is an action-packed new wave shōnen series (is that a thing? I just made it a thing if it wasn’t) with spectacular visuals, great cast and marvelous gear designs and uniforms that aren’t gendered. I hope you give manga a chance, or the anime when it’s aired.

I will also apologize in advance for the person I’ll become when Narumi Gen is animated.

Just you wait.

I said today’s my feral day because there’ll be another post about new BL licenses following this and I’ll continue screaming there. See you!

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