H-hello? Anybody there? 

How’s everyone doing? Hope everything’s been okay and you’re not sick as seasons are currently changing. I checked out my last update post, wow it’s been a while and so much happened in between. I also did some more digging because I remember I went on a small rant during the time I started house-hunting seriously for the first time… More than a year ago xD Well, that’s just the reality of living an unstable life in an unstable economy. 

The good news is, I finally moved out two months ago! That’s why I was busy during August with swearing at real estate agents and their lying asses, then packing almost everything myself. After the move, felt like I was thrown into a Kafkaesque novel experiencing the weirdest problems, like, at some point, I had bought three different stoves but didn’t have a stove at home. Don’t even ask me how that makes sense. I didn’t have any internet at home apart from my mobile data, which was another weird hurdle to overcome. Add my 3 week-long sick era, totally out-of-blue familial engagements, and my own worries about & research to find a program abroad that’d provide a scholarship; my head’s been a mess. I still occasionally write book reviews on Instagram and work on some of my drafts to publish on my blog in the future but didn’t have much energy for writing overall. 

The seasonal anime is PACKED, on the other hand. Lots and lots of new favorites and old favorites continuing so this season is so much fun. Plus, not sure if it’s just me, but it feels like we got more series with young women-heavy casts like Do It Yourself!!, Bocchi The Rock!, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Pop Team Epic, and The Little Lies We All Tell. I’m honestly having a blast.

To be honest, all this time I wanted to catch a time frame or find a semblance of energy that’d signal my return to a schedule, but I couldn’t. Looks like that will be the case in the near future. So, quoting Shakespeare I say, fudge schedules. We’re going back to irregular posting because irregular posts are still better than zero posts. And trying to force myself into a routine that I know I can’t keep up with will just further upset me.

What I have in store for you in the following days is an anime movie review, a spoiler-y review of a BL (the post will be similar to what I’ve written on Love For Sale), another BL review in the form of my Friday BL posts, and a part 2 to one of my older posts, in no particular order. You’re also free to stop by my CuriousCat if you have any recommendations or suggestions.

As always, thanks a lot for hearing my rambling out and see you around!

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  1. Yay! Glad to see you’re back! Wow, house hunting, that’s some serious stress! I’ve had to deal with real estate agents three times in my life, and none of those experiences were fun. What I found worked the best was to learn everything about being a real estate agent and doing almost all the work myself! Yes, the season is filled to overflowing with great anime! There’s so much good stuff to watch, I’m having a hard time keeping up!

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    1. Happy to talk to you again as well!

      To be honest, trying to find an optimum place to live is so hard, I wouldn’t wish it upon my enemy 😦 Good thing that there are lots of great series that there isn’t time to stay angry or sad! It’s a gift that keeps on giving 😀

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