Hi friends. This season, I decided to write short first impressions. Why? I’m as lost as you, kind of just felt like it. Well, one reason I can think of is that I’ve never done them before except for manga or webtoons. I also haven’t written about anime for a while, and I missed doing that.

Hmm, I did have reasons after all.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is both to announce this idea and to have info on the format of my posts that I can link back to, given the possibility I might enjoy doing first impressions and come back to this format in the future.

Actual footage of me making these “wise” decisions.

Did I know this series beforehand? — Did I read the manga? Did I hear any hype before the release? Juicy fandom gossip?

What is it about? — It wouldn’t be me if I don’t write a summary myself. That’s the best part!

What to look out for? — Potential trigger or content warnings. I’m not exactly good at discerning these but I’ll do my best. 

What do I think? — Self-explanatory. My hot takes, fresh out of the oven. I’ll also try to list what works and what doesn’t and try to be impartial as possible, similar to my I Read It So You Don’t Have To posts.

Will I continue watching? — The VerdictTM

I’ll follow this format! It seems like half of the first episodes in this season is released on January 4th. I’ll write about the series in the order I watch them and try to spread them over time. I should also inform you that HIDIVE is not available here anymore so I have access to Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Prime only.

That was all for now. My first “first impression” post will be up after this and tomorrow, I have a short Friday BL review for you. Excited to start another season, see you around and I wish everyone a happy new year!!

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