Hey there! It’s me, ya boi. Here once again to review some BL goodness for you. The previous Friday BL was the winner of a Twitter poll and there, doujinshi option came in last. I thought maybe, people are not as interested in them. Still, I’m here to review one. Ha! Because I haven’t been posting regularly, my stats are better than ever so I had to do something!

If my memory serves me right, today’s doujin was announced during Fujocon. I was ECSTATIC because, I think I mentioned once how particular Japanese and Korean readers are when it comes to who tops and who bottoms in their pairings. Even if I didn’t, Give Ghostbuster Osamu a read and you’ll get a cute, comical look into it! Or just… I don’t know, give it a read even if you don’t care about ship dynamics because it’s super funny. Kind of sidetracked there. Anyways, I was over the roof because I’m not particular at all about these stuff, on the contrary, I welcome any and all types of scenarios and really enjoy couples who switch. Though I usually enjoy the idea of it because we rarely get such content. I guess it’s super obvious where I’m going with it.

Title: Spring Sunset Merry-Go-Round
Author & Artist: Imai Yuumi
Status: Complete, 54 pages.
Where to read: You can purchase a digital copy on Irodori’s website.

Haruka is an introverted university graduate who suspects that his interest in his guy best friend is actually romantic love. A panicked, baby gay, so to speak. While the suspicion is there, he doesn’t have any friends, let alone people whom he can speak about his sexual orientation. So he does any other average, reasonable, 20-something would do: he books a call boy.

And that’s how Chisato and Haruka meet. Today’s Chisato’s last day at work and saying his goodbyes with a cute guy like Haruka gets him more than excited and impatient. Because he’s his last client and such a cutie, Chisato bends the rules he’s supposed to follow for Haruka’s sake and the hour that’s supposed to be spent on talking, quickly takes a different turn.

It’s not my first time reading Imai Yuumi. Four of their commercial works are licensed in English, and I’ve read A House Near the Station With a Wizard before. I remember it not making an impression on me plot-wise but the art style was clean and pretty. Spring Sunset Merry-Go-Round, putting the limited page count into account, does a better job of being memorable and the characters are still gorgeous. Since this is a one-night encounter, I enjoyed it for what it is.

Personally, I love brief encounters. People that cross paths, interact, go through something together during that short period of time and part ways. I kind of learned that this is not the case for a lot of people as there’s nothing realized and for them, it probably feels incomplete. That’s also why, I’m guessing, we don’t get a lot of experimentation in romance in the sense of narrative. I rambled all this to say could do without the twist at the end, but I still enjoyed this short self-published piece quite a bit! What Chisato and Haruka have is nothing crazy or deep but that’s exactly the charm for me.

Glad we cleared that up!

Sex between Chisato and Haruka is awkward and really cute! You could say it’s to be expected since Haruka is still very new to men when it comes to love and beyond, but it’s not all that uncommon for newbies like him turn out to be sex gods the moment their backs hit the bed in certain BL works. I was more than happy and satisfied watching them try to make sure that it’s fun and pleasurable for each other, communicating what they want, and just enjoy each other’s company! Spring Sunset Merry-Go-Round is just a warm and fuzzy doujinshi that’ll make sure, just like Haruka and Chisato, to have fun during your stay.

I reviewed a purchase of mine from Irodori’s website before and my experience is still a positive one! You can either choose to use their online reader or download a high-res PDF file to store in your drive. I kind of find their online reader hard to navigate around and a bit slow and it’s always good to have download as an option in the age of streaming/online libraries! The text overall flows smoothly, and their letterers always do a great job. I highly suggest you check out what they offer and their regular 0.99 cents doujinshi sales.

Do you keep a close eye on doujinshi releases, or are you more of a commercial works kind of person? Do you have strict preferences when it comes to your ships? Would you be interested in reading couples who switch in bed? Eager to hear your opinions in the comments! Thank you as always for giving my Friday BL a read and see you tomorrow with another seasonal first impression. Until then ~

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  1. Great post! A very fun read. You’re right, the art work for this manga is very clean, with a simple elegant look to it. I like it. Hmm, I’m more of a commercial works kind of person, but I want to be someone that reads more doujinshi!

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