Hi friends! Welcome to the second first impression of Winter 2023. We’re looking at yet another light novel + manga combo with a noble terminating their engagement with the main character for someone else. It’s the second series you all, and makes me want to count how many more we’ll be getting in this particular season. 

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady light novel is a collaborative work with Piero Karasu penning the story and Yuri Kisaragi contributing with illustrations. Then, the series get a manga adaptation by Harutsugu Nadaka. The adaptation is handled by diomedéa, a studio that animated some of my favorites such as DeaimonThe Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, and Chio’s School Road. While they aren’t visual masterpieces, all are series that I remember fondly and have a tender air to them. Since the title is what it is, I’ll refer to the series using the shortened name MagiRevo from here on. Enjoy ~

Not on her watch!

Did I know this series beforehand? Haven’t heard of it before, which makes sense again because I don’t read light novels and don’t keep up with new releases. If I am completely honest with you, I didn’t even register the whole title, and even though there’s the whole a** word REINCARNATED in there, I was like “Yaay it didn’t start with transmigration, it’s just a fantasy anime!” 

Don’t be like me…

What is it about? In a world with magic and an obsession with flying, not being gifted with the ability to use it is tough on Anne. She’s the daughter of a noble family, her brother is the crown prince and is expected to go through a political marriage with the duke’s daughter Euphylia, so all Anne has to do is to stay out of trouble. And that’s one thing she’s not going to comply with. 

Because she doesn’t possess the ability, she has devised ways to use magic for a limited amount of time together with a researcher friend and she also invented tools that can use mana. Her “Magicology” is a threat to nobles, and although she renounced her right to the throne, everyone including his brother Algard is on tiptoes around her. One night when she’s strolling on her magical broom, Anne loses control of it and accidentally crashes into a ball where Algard is terminating her contract with the genius beauty Euphylia.  

What to look out for? Maybe brief animal harm at the beginning?

What do I think? Guys quick!!! Create some sort of opening in your schedule and give this series a chance! 

The first half of MagiRevo bored me, to be honest. I was having dinner and I might have even missed tiny bits here and there. Because I was careless, I felt like the main character Anne felt out of place with the rest. She’s supposed to be different because she can’t use magic and was cast aside by her family in a sense, but she’s still a noble and that environment should’ve rubbed on her yet she’s written with speech mannerisms as if she’s a modern-day high school girl. I found it very inconsistent but then, there was indeed a modern-day flashback Anne had. Then, I had to pay closer attention to the title because I was to review the series. Then, I wanted to crawl under my bed and cry out of embarrassment. 

Anyways, I was more or less feeling “Ehh..” about this series with its clichéd tropes, until… Anne crashed into the ballroom where the sh*t was going down between Euphylia and Algard, with a loud bang! That’s when I thought to myself, man how cool it would be if this episode ended with Anne marrying Euphylia instead like the first episode of MSG: The Witch from Mercury and??? I guess I should’ve wished for 1.000.000$ instead! 

Jokes aside, this twist definitely got me excited for what’s to come. While I found certain aspects boring or elements unfitting at first, the second half hinted at some context and gave me the push I needed. The animation quality is more than decent. The action, although minimal in the first episode, is given the care it needed and overall, I loved that the colors popped at me. Similar to Ningen Fushin, I don’t see any risks taken with the designs or the score, but they are more than pleasant to the eye. 

Will I continue watching? HECK YES, I WILL!! You won’t catch me missing a warm and fun Yuri show like this. I hope both the quality and the energy won’t drop over the course of the season. Highly recommended!

Have you seen MagiRevo? Will you be tuning into it now that you’ve found out that it’ll be girls being very good gal pals, the bestest of friends with each other, like me? I’d like to hear what you think and see you next week!

Bride: acquired.

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