Hi peeps! Actually, it was recently announced that today’s series is on indefinite hiatus due to COVID‘s effect on the production process. After the release of the 4th episode, new release dates for the rest will be announced in the future. Hopefully, the production team will recover quickly and feel better soon! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what kind of impression this series has left on me with its premiere. 

Ayakashi Triangle is an ongoing ecchi/gender-bend manga by Kentarou Yabuki, who is majorly known for To LOVE-Ru and Darling in the FranxxCONNECT is behind the anime adaptation, which is a studio I haven’t seen a release from except Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie. So, I didn’t know what to expect going into it.

What is it about? You might not see them, but ayakashi are always around people and inhabit the country just like humans. Ayakashi existing means there should be people who exorcist them as well, and that’s what Matsuri does. Belonging to a famous ninja family, Matsuri took over his grandfather’s job and is now a ninja himself who fights evil spirits. 

This, however, has caused some kind of rift between him and his childhood best friend Suzu. Suzu can see ayakashi too but has trouble accepting that they need to be exorcised. In the midst of it all, a white, fluffy cat appears and is ready to cause mischief, but probably not the kind of mischief you’d have in mind. 

What to look out for? Ecchi elements. 

What do I think? It was… hmmm.

From the first episode, this series seems as if it’s having an identity crisis. Is it a fantasy series with action scenes? Is it a romance between childhood friends with ecchi sprinkled here and there? Not saying that these two themes cannot coexist, but in Ayakashi Triangle’s case, they don’t mix well, especially visually. 

What I mean by that is, to me, colors have these sugary sweet tones, everything’s so bright, and characters have some plumpness/roundness to them, a sheen that we usually see in rom-coms, but then you have ninjas and ayakashi that aren’t exactly cute so they don’t mesh well. From the tone of the series, I felt like I had to take the fight between ayakashi and ninjas, and Suzu’s position in between seriously but everything looks… kind of goofy compared to what the series wanted from me. Since I don’t know how the source material goes, I’ll leave it at this by saying that this series could do better if they were to stick with one direction instead of trying to bring the two together clumsily. The movement, however, doesn’t look bad at all.

As for the ecchi elements. I could do without the “pervy geezer mentor” trope, but the rest of the episode turned out quite tame. Just to let you know. 

Will I continue watching? I’m not sure about the whole season, but the next episode’s title is “Girl Friend” and I’m already baited into seeing it. Because, you know… girl friends!

You can’t even get mad at the cencorship when it’s an angry, plump ayakahsi-cat…

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