Hi friends! Here to serve you your daily isekai intake because I bet you’re already showing withdrawal symptoms. Today’s premiere is a rather quiet or uneventful one compared to some other series I have reviewed so while I don’t have a lot of detailed things to say, I had fun writing it.

As it always is, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skills is a light novel first, manga second, and anime third. It is written by Ren Eguchi and illustrated by Masa. The manga is adapted by Akagishi K, who also did the character designs for Sabikui Bisco. The studio behind the anime is none other than MAPPA

Did I know this series beforehand? I did see the manga being mentioned on my Twitter timeline and how well-liked it was so I had a positive impression going in. 

What is it about? Mukoda Tsuyoshi is your dime-a-dozen salaryman in modern-day Japan. When he’s transported into a kingdom along with other heroes, the unique skill that was assigned to him… is rather disappointing at first. 

Soon finding out that the kingdom is actually not doing good politically, he swiftly leaves the place, to go on a journey, discover how this new world, and his seemingly useless skill Online Shopping works. It surely is convenient to be able to get the food or the supermarket items with a single click, what he doesn’t know yet are the aftereffects of consuming the food prepared by those items. 

What to look out for? Safe to go in. 

What do I think? Finally an alternative source to “Ghibli cooking” gif accounts!

Campfire Cooking aims to capture the audience with its relatability, and I have to say it’s working. As someone who hates shopping (specifically for groceries) but has to take care of herself, online shopping honestly saves my life at times. You bet I would do whatever it takes to have a skill that could make groceries appear the second I order them!! 

But enough about me. The first episode does a fairly good job of setting the world and our protagonist trying to make out how to navigate in it. The pacing is great and the tone of the series is inviting, which makes me feel like joining on his journey. The colors are warm and comforting, a detail I found myself appreciating these days when the weather is so gloomy. Considering the focus is on food, we get plenty of mouth-watering, detailed food prep and cooking animation, which is always a joy to watch for me. The food I can eat falls somewhere between vegetarian and vegan but boy was I hungry throughout the episode! And no one to cook for me! I demand healthy meals three times a day as well, where’s my isekai’d human?!

I don’t have much else to say apart from that this premiere provides a chill, interesting, and fun introduction. While I get the impression from the part with heroes summoned that later down the road there will be war or political conflicts but I hope the series will somehow stay and continue to be one of my comfort anime this season!

Will I continue watching? I definitely will! I tried not to continue watching the rest of the episodes for the series I still haven’t reviewed so I look forward to catching up.

Do you love food-related anime and/or manga? Do you go out of your way to try the recipes? Or you’re just content looking at them like me? I’d like to learn about a dish you’ve tried yourself after seeing it anime if you did, and see you tomorrow!

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  1. This was such a wonderful premier! This turned out to be so much better than I expected. I honestly didn’t think this anime would be that good. I was just trying out some new series at random and I assumed that this would be just another one of those series that I watch one episode and then quit, but this turned out to be one of my favorite isekai I’ve seen this season.

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