Hello! Looking at my list, I see that I have 10 titles left to review except today’s, and that means I’ll be finished next week. Whew! Writing first impressions for series when we have completed half the season is kind of absurd no matter how you look at it. However, this is the fastest I could put out posts as one (1) person and the fact that I could keep up a daily schedule is an accomplishment in and of itself for me, so yay! Patting myself on the shoulder.


Coming back to our title at hand, you know the drill. Behind the light novel, we have Rokujuuyon Okazawa as the author and sagejoh accompanies as the illustrator. Then comes the manga adaptation by Rurekuche, and according to Anilist this is their commercial debut. Anime production is handled by Encourage Films. I’ve only seen two works from the studio, Hitorijime My Hero and Deaimon, both I remember fondly and were done competently. But then again, both were slice-of-life and I didn’t know what to expect from the studio when it came to action. 

Did I know this series beforehand? First time hearing about it. 

What is it about? After the change in the ruler, Dariel finds himself without support. Even though he’s a demon, he lacks the magic ability, and the only reason he was able to serve in the Demon Army as an assistant to one of the Four Generals was because of the former general’s protection. 

Now that he’s retired and Dariel is fired from the Demon Army, he’s at a loss. Wandering around in the forest that lies between the demon and the human territories, he saves a young woman’s life from a monster, and in turn, she offers hospitality and food in her family’s inn. Desperately trying to hide the fact that he’s a demon, Dariel is about to face a part of him he didn’t know.

What to look out for? Lots of jiggling boobs. When I put it like that it doesn’t sound too bad though, hmm.

What do I think? In a world where the only indicator that you’re a demon is whether you have the magical ability or not, I wonder how Dariel couldn’t take the hint for a whole 30 years that, he might be a human after all. But you know, better late than never. At least the series doesn’t drag it on for too long. 

You won’t be finding well-animated fight scenes or interesting (or clever) character designs in this premiere. Instead, there are lots of sliding images, action lines, or clunky movements. Humans and demons are supposed to look the same, and sure they don’t have pointy ears or horns, but the color palettes and hairstyles that are picked for them obviously set them apart. Humans’ hair, except for Gashita, has more natural tones of brown to black, and Malika’s pinkish tone is usually used to indicate a lighter shade of brown in anime whereas the generals have blue, red, or navy hair. Visually, there isn’t anything interesting to underline.

The same goes for the plot as well. Judging by the title, I was excited for this series to be a start-over where the protagonist just minds his business or runs mundane errands to get by. I feel like the age of 30 is like a barrier that neither anime nor manga or manhwa dares to cross, and I welcome any character who is 30 or above. Yet he turns out to be overpowered, and while he does turn down the offer of going to a bigger city and doing important things with his power to stay in the village because… boobs, I get the impression that the series will still drag Dariel to the war between the demons and humans. I’m sorry, but that’s not chillin’ in my definition. 

Will I continue watching? I guess I expected a series similar to I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level. Unfortunately, I find this series to be quite dull and uninteresting and won’t continue watching. 

What are your thoughts on Chillin’ in my 30s After Getting Fired from The Demon King’s Army? Were you able to find an aspect you enjoyed and you are currently watching it? See you in the comments if you’d like to add something, and see you tomorrow!

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